Grace, Justice, & Mercy

This is the end of the official #OnceYouSeeRacism series. 20 blog posts + the introduction. I admit openly that I’m still a learner in this area but I am actively seeking answers to questions that I didn’t even know existed. My goal in writing these posts was to let you know that there are questions you need to be asking, both of yourself and of your government. Watch this 47-second clip of Jane Elliot:

Since I’ve mentioned Jane Elliot, do a quick Google search of her blue-eye/brown-eye experiment.

Some people who are new to the conversation have wondered what they can do. I think the very best thing they can do is go through Be the Bridge and devour the resources they suggest. But reading a book can’t be all a person does. Each person has to transition into action. What actions are appropriate?

* Continue learning.

* Address racist comments as you hear them.

* Join with other people new this conversation and discuss this with them, strengthening your “talking about racism” muscles.

* Find an organization that matches your values. As a Christian, I feel great about supporting Be the Bridge and the And Campaign but there are others. Get involved. Find out which aspect of social justice moves you and dig in.
2020 is a very good year to get involved in the “Voters Rights” aspect. I didn’t even cover that aspect in this series! There’s absolutely no way a 20-post series could try to cover all the aspects that need to be addressed, which is why I ask people repeatedly to read, read, read. Someone else is already talking about it – someone who has already invested time and energy to educate you about the aspect they most care about.

* Listen to the voices of people of color. Many have begun movements and organizations to move the needle… join them.

* Become an ally… don’t try to save the day… just believe their stories, empathize with their experiences, and join in with them as they have been thinking on this their entire lives. As Phil Vischer says, “Care.”

Please watch this talk. It’s an hour and ten minutes but you can set the speed a little faster on YouTube and watch/listen faster. (Expert trick… you’re welcome.)

This is my only resource today. It’s CRITICAL if you are a Christian.

I am an educator at heart. I long for my children (whom I homeschool) to have a life-long love of learning. I don’t tell them everything but I introduce them to ideas and concepts and then launch them to discover more on their own.
Anyone can TELL someone something. A true educator wants to introduce the learner to new information, to spark an interest in the topic, and to watch the learner take off and become self-educated on that topic.

I have told my sons that they, as the learners, are responsible for the depth of their education. The burden is on their shoulders.

I have used my platform (my family-blog) to introduce people to many challenging topics in this series but the burden is on the learner to self-educate and to go deeper.

I am white… I am the learner. If you are white, you are the learner.

* Grace, Justice, & Mercy: An Evening with Bryan Stevenson & Rev. Tim Keller
* Reminder to look up Jane Elliot’s Blue-Eye experiment.

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