Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

I need to add no words. Please listen to Emmanuel Acho.

“This is a conversation that needs to happen.”

Racism is not a virus of the body; it is a virus of the mind, and unfortunately, it can be lethal. But you cannot fix a problem that you do not know you have. And if “ignorance is bliss”, in this case, bliss has caused bondage and pain for others. But there is a fix. We can all access the life-saving medicine that will cure the world’s most ailing, long-lasting pandemic. But in order to access it, we’re going to have to have some uncomfortable conversations.

Emmanuel Acho

This blog post is scheduled to hit on Wednesday, June 24, 2020 and as of the date I’m writing this (June 20th) there are three published episodes.

Our family is about to head out on a one-week trip from Stuttgart, Germany to Amsterdam, to Poland, and back. The day after we get back we must detail our 12-passenger van to prepare it for shipping. Two days after we get back we ship the rest of our earthly belongings from Germany to New York City. Three days after we get back we move into the hotel and just a couple of days after that we move our family of seven to Brooklyn, NY. All of that in the midst of an ongoing, world-wide pandemic. To say we have a lot going on is an understatement. I will not update this page with further episodes of “Conversations” but I do hope that you will take the time listen to every single one that Emmanuel Acho releases. Please.

* Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man
*I have a new resource that I haven’t mentioned yet. If you are Christian and looking for an organization to join forces with to combat racism, please check out the And Campaign.


To educate and organize Christians for civic and cultural engagement that results in better representation, more just and compassionate policies and a healthier political culture.

Biblical Values & Social Justice

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