So many places, so little time…

We had big travel dreams when we moved here.

I made a wall decoration that would let us dream big and celebrate when we visited new places. I loved having friends and family sign the wall when they came. I love that ALL of the cousins got to put their handprints on the wall. (The younger cousins… I didn’t make my teens do it!)

Our first guests were Stephanie and Hannah. We went to Paris and Garmisch with them.

Next we had Matt’s side of the the family come and we saw Munich and Zurich with them. We were so glad they were able to be here for Hayden’s High School graduation and his 18th birthday.

IMG_7317Erin Hamrick; Lincoln Hamrick

Next was Elizabeth, and our big trip with her was to Vienna for the teens to see The 1975 in concert.

Our final guests, though we didn’t know at the time that they’d be our final guests, were members from my side of the family.

Here’s my dad signing beside Rothenburg. That’s his favorite European city… Tony Hyatt

And Ashley:IMG_0472

My wall decoration looked like this for most of our time here, with Ulm added after our household goods shipped, and included in that shipment is our chalk pens.

wall displayWe had travel plans for March and April, to include Amsterdam, Koln, and Auschwitz-Birkenau. And in saying that, I should have put Koln on the wall earlier, as we have been there a number of times this tour.

But COVID-19 changed our plans and as of now we aren’t sure if we’ll make it. Our Truckster is set to be shipped on July 7th so if we do take any trips, our travel window is very narrow. I deeply desire to take Parker and Anna to Corrie Ten Boom’s Hiding Pace and Anne Frank’s House and I want to take all of the boys to Auschwitz. We didn’t know we’d be leaving Europe so early and we thought we had plenty of time to get these critical trips in.

Anyway, Matt reminded me that we had, indeed, traveled quite a bit during our COVID-days and he thought I should update our wall to indicate as such:



“Every day is COVID Day, until it’s not.” COL Condrey

I’m kicking myself because I forgot one room: THE KITCHEN! I’ve spent hours and hours in there, but then again, we didn’t put Stuttgart on the list and we spent most of our time in this city. I guess it’s understood!

Anyway, if we are able to get any trips in, I’ll have to see if I can snap another picture. As you can imagine, the chalked COVID destinations haven’t held up well to people brushing past it… I may have to start over on that part!


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2 Responses to So many places, so little time…

  1. Sheri Prescott says:

    I have always loved that wall!! Such a beautiful idea and just look at all the incredible places you’ve explored (and your kitchen full of love and great food!)!

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