Corona Days – 37-47

This feels a bit like groundhog day. It’s funny to go back over these memories because they were before we were shot out of the cannon into PCS mode. Ah, the lazier days…

I saw a funny meme online. It said, “Remember those precedented days? Ah, those were good days.” (Since we’re living in unprecedented days… get it? Ah, never-mind.)

Anyway, since I had already written most of this I figure I’ll post it now. Going foward, my “COVID Days” entries will be a little different. But for now….

Day 37 – April 20 – Super-tough puzzle purchased at the thrift store only to find it missing three pieces. Nice.

Day 38 – April 21 – It must have been a dull day. No pictures. 🙂
Day 39 – April 22 – Another day down at the soccer field. One of Anna’s favorite activities is to stand on the pitcher’s mound and toss dirt into the air and let it rain down on her:


Day 40 – April 23 – Sunrise walk. This tree is so beautiful and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it with the sun just waking up.


On the way home I tried to capture the bright pink of this tree but just couldn’t.


Day 41 – April 24 – It was at this point I had to do hair cuts. I’ll spare you the pictures of the hair all over the bathroom floor. It comes in handy that I cut their hair for 15 years! (Now, how they style it is totally up to them!)

I practiced “twists” on Anna. 🙂 I can’t get them quite as tight as I want. Not sure if that’s me or her type of curl.

Day 42 – April 25 – Another date night! This time Chinese. I called the order in and we went to pick it up. The store had a table blocking the front door and I just put my card the reader and they handed over the food. I ordered #30 and Matt ordered #32. Turns out we preferred each other’s dish! True love.

Some friends loaned our family an X-box, something I am only okay with us having because I know it’s for a finite amount of time. They are loving it and being responsible with it, butI won’t be sad to see it go. These two will miss it, though!

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 5.03.05 PM
Day 43 – April 26 – It’s Sunday! Church, and then… errands because it’s BLUE DAY! Matt, Hayden, and I went to the PX to get a few things you can only get at the PX… American light bulbs, for example. It took an hour from where we got in line until we were actually inside the PX. Crazy. I went to the commissary and spent well over $400… it’d been two weeks since my last Commissary trip.

Day 44 – April 27 – Parker is reading Hero over Here… In light of Corona Virus, read the “About this book.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We bought Horseshoes… FUN TIMES! Another way to compete!

Day 45 – April 28 – Anna got some hand-me-down boots… please forgive the quarantine-hair! And of course, she’s wearing her new boots with her footed pajamas.

Day 46 – April 29 – We watched a family movie that was not scary but there was a pretty intense part. Carson jumped down to block Anna’s view and had her show him what she was doing on her Leap Pad. Parker did the same thing a few minutes latter.
Be still my heart!

Day 47 –  April 30 – Another boring day.
I initially thought this COVID thing would lock us down for a month. Maybe 45 days. I am writing this on May 30th, Day 77. I won’t bore you with any more daily diary updates… if it’s boring for me, it’s boring for you.

The next couple I do will be just highlights. (You’re welcome.)

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