Corona Days – 25-36

The time capsule continues.

Day 25 – April 8 – This non-crafty mom spent time with Parker and Anna making decorations for Easter. I was quite pleased with them and we left them up for an entire month.


Around 2:30 I decided to take walk and the trees were just gorgeous. This ones is on our favorite walking/running route. I know from experience that I will miss the fields fiercely when we move.IMG_2415Day 26 – April 9 – Anna gets ahold of Carson’s hoodie:


Day 27- April 10 – We went back to the soccer field to spread out and hang out.

Day 28 – April 11th – Because Matt was going to preach (Facebook Live) the next day, I decided to take our people out to the trees for Easter pics today, Saturday. (Post is password protected because someone maliciously used my video and I refuse to allow them further access. They have downloaded it and are using it, and there’s nothing I can do about that, but I will at least block my own content going forward if I think it can be used in a malicious and evil way. If you want the password, ask.)

The weather was gorgeous, the sun shining, and the kids had a blast. The teens weren’t thrilled but they managed.


We set up our corn hole, slack line, and hammock near the gazebo. Fun times after dinner:


Day 29 – April 12 – Anna resorted to “crafting” with snap peas and tape. Poor kid. Anna usually gets her craft-on at her preschool class but as that’s not in session, she’s had to make do with what we have:


Day 30 – April 13th – I felt pretty bad so I bought some paint… please forgive quarantine hair.


I finished a puzzle… it was the most challenging one I’ve done yet:


Day 31 – April 13th – Monica brought me flowers. 🌸💐 Every now and then it’s nice to fill the window sill with beauty.


Day 32 –  April 15th – Hamburgers, hotdogs, and s’mores on the patio


Day 33 – April 16th – I put together another puzzle… a loaner from a friend here in our neighborhood.

Day 34 – April 17th – Mexican to-go date in the NV. I surprised Matt. Ordered, paid, and drove to the pick-up location just outside of Panzer. Then we drove to the chapel parking lot and ate in the car. I used my hotspot for Netflix.

Day 35 – April 18th – I took Anna and Parker to the big park for a change of scenery. We set up the slack line and the two of them took turns trying it out. Not the most fun of evenings but we had to get some wiggles out.

Day 36 – April 19th – The family went to the soccer field for a fun night… Parker loved climbing up the fence to retrieve his tennis ball… multiple times.


We had taken the picnic blanket and a new game: Connect 4.


As we were packing up Hayden called. He had left a little before us to go skate since the post was a ghost town… he hurt his ankle badly enough that he couldn’t walk so… we picked him up in the wagon. Poor guy. But he says skating is worth the pain.


Always the artist… taking a pic of Anna from a point of view he’s never had before. Biking in action!

Current update as of May 13th:  Our movers left yesterday with all of our things. Temporary furniture arrived just as the movers were leaving and so we had no lapse in furniture. Today is a recovery day as the past week has been insane… we found out with just over 48 hours notice that our packers were coming. Because of the craziness that started the moment we heard about our imminent pack-out dates, today I’ve let us all chill a bit. Some sense of normalcy will resume tomorrow.

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  2. Simon says:

    Thanks Jen lovely and moving too…..

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