Red Light! Green Light!

I’m sure you’ve played that game at some point. Well, the whole world has been on Red Light since the end of February or early March, with the exception of essential personnel. And since they came up, might I just give a quick shout-out to those who work in the medical field and in the world of stocking grocery stores?!? There are a dozen other essential business that have continued to work and serve customers, my dad’s business, for one, and I am very glad they have been able to carry on to make sure everything runs smoothly while this pandemic runs its course. My heart has been warmed by the way people all over the world have had the chance to see just how vital some people are… people who rarely get a lot of credit. The love being shown to teachers is especially heart-warming.

But I don’t have time to get sentimental because, as I mentioned I my last post where I was sort of freaking out, our move is now a “green light.” However, we have gotten word that our dates of 18-20 May are fully booked. But no worries. The packers can come Friday. AS IN…. 48 HOURS FROM NOW!

Here’s some of what I have to do between the moment I finish writing this and Friday morning:

  • Figure out what school stuff my kids need to finish out this year
  • Figure out what school stuff my kids need to start next year (I’ll need to keep this with me over the summer so I can plan our school year. And just in case the HHGs get delayed so that we can start on time.)
  • Pack 7 people: What clothing do we need to have on hand from now until our HHGS arrive early Aug? What clothing will we not need between now and then? Shoes? Toiletries.
  • Pull aside kitchen items I want to have here until the last minute when our UAB shipment goes.
  • Put the contents of each drawer in a ziplock bag, then put the bag back in the drawer. Makes for easier unpacking on the other side.
  • Set aside all the “donate” items that we still have piling up in our basement because the Thrift Store is closed… if I don’t set them aside, the packers will pack them.
  • Set aside all the items we want to sell… otherwise, these things will be packed.
  • Set aside all my Sonlight Cores and ensure that the packers keep the cores separated as they are. The last set of movers did not follow my instructions and I spent days sorting through 13 years worth of school material… not fun.
  • Determine if we’re going to try to move the beast one more time. It’s really on its last leg. If we take it, it may not go back together very well and we will have wasted precious weight on it. If we don’t, I will be doing without my main storage for our homeschool materials. (And I’m kinda attached to it sentimentally.) Do you see how moving takes a toll not only on the physical self but on the emotional self?
  • Label items as “Do not pack” that aren’t going… like our 220v fridge, the 220v freezer, the Culligan. I need to label rooms so if I need to tell someone which room something is in, the rooms are labeled. I have had these signs printed and ready to go since February so at least all I have to do is tape them up.
  • I could add more but now I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed so… off I go.

My glass is half-full and I can actually say today that I feel that. My emotions are all over the place. I feel like someone is playing red light, green light, and it’s been on red for weeks. Now, they say, green and we have to BE at the finish line in two days. But I can deal with that because I do better with productivity than with being on pause.

I have a few things to be thankful for:

  • A date to pack-out.
  • A date that is sooner rather than later.
  • The earlier date means our stuff will arrive in NY a week earlier than expected, which means less time spent in a completely empty house.
  • Contacts in NY said that our friends are allowed to pick us up at the airport as long as everyone in the car wears a mask. And that’s ‘as of now’….by then, things may be even better.
  • We get a new washing machine today. Ours has been making a thunder-storm sound since February. Low on housing’s priority list, I guess.
  • We are all still healthy. We are all still doing well.



“The beast” – my super-huge IKEA furniture – this photo was taken when we moved in to this house: March 2018)

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