Corona Days – 19-24

The last update I gave covered Corona-Days 3-18. I was mentally prepared for this experience to last about a month and yet, here we are on day 50 of our stay-at-home order. We are starting to see things in the US open back up and are hearing rumors of some changes coming for us but as of now, we are still pretty much being asked to stay home. We are absolutely encouraged to get outside for exercise and we are utilizing the fields regularly, very grateful for the amazing weather we’ve had so far this spring. In fact, we’re eager for rain to knock down the insane pollen but I know that means a few days of being stuck inside and the heat of summer will be on us before we know it.

We, (the Hamricks in particular) are great. We are healthy, together, we have our own stuff, we have a good idea of when we can move. And yet, I’m very aware that we have to grieve. I read an article by Claire Wood last week that put my thoughts in words… it also broke the floodgates of tears and I had a good cry. There are things we are missing out on that, in a normal PCS season, help us processionals and transition. Last Sunday was supposed to have been our farewell from Chapel… and we can’t even see our chapel-friends, much less hug them! I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read When a PCS and a Pandemic CollideIt so adequately expresses my heart.

Day 18 – April 1: Yes, I realize it was April Fool’s Day but we don’t “do” April Fool’s here because that’s Matt’s birthday. We celebrated by eating at the Subway here on Kelley, and Matt and I ordered burgers from the fancy burger truck.  When we got home we had cake and sang Happy Birthday.

I am not even joking when I tell you that I broke a tooth that evening (which required emergency care the next day!) and I broke my coffee pot. With my foot hurting like it did, I didn’t even want to ask, “Could this get any worse?!?” but that’s what was going through my mind.


Used this French Press carafe until Matt found the other Ninja that we’d set aside to send in under warranty. Thank goodness we hadn’t sent it in yet!

Day 19 – April 2: I got my tooth repaired. I am so very thankful for Midwest Dentistry… I was the only patient in the building and I had not one but two dentists taking care of me!

Day 20 – April 3: I  got to join in a zoom call to watch a friend promote to Major! Congratulations, CH Holsinger!!



I completed another puzzle I bought last year – before we even knew we’d be moving to NYC!

Day 21 – April 4: Matt and I played Ticket to Ride online with Aimee and Cory and we started the kids’ Capsules.

Day 22 – April 5: Sundays are always fun because they ground us. We sort of know where we are in the week because of our altered church schedule. At 10:00 we go on our balconies to sing together. So thankful a family thought of this the very first week and we haven’t missed a Sunday. We come right inside to either watch CH Rice preach live or Matt does. We set up in the office and the kids stay in the living room to watch. Communion looks a little different when done online. Afterward we try to go for a family walk.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The above slideshow was from Easter. The video below is a combination of dates, with the latter two were from Easter.


Day 23 – April 6: One of my favorite foods in Europe is Flammkuchen. I had the best in Heidelberg during our first time in Germany, but when revisited the restaurant last year, it wasn’t nearly as good. Honestly the best I’ve ever had was at the biergarten at the Stuttgart airport – a fact that is quite surprising! While shopping at our local grocery store recently I found some and decided to give it a try. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Bailey and I love them so I figured they needed to be documented in our family journal.


Our balcony has always been a valuable part of our house but now that all seven of us are home all the time, it’s become an invaluable retreat. Here you see Parker and Anna during reading time. (A parenting/homeschooling hint: Redshelf is a great resource for books if you find yourself needing one and not able to wait for a library copy or for Amazon to deliver. I read aloud to Parker but Bailey often has the website read the book to him.  The audio isn’t as comfortable as an Audible book, but it’s sufficient.)IMG_2394Day 24 – April 7: Because of the color-coding organization we have going on here in Stuttgart, I can only go to the PX and commissary during two blocks of time each month. It really hasn’t been a big problem for me because I already shop on the economy regularly. I do sometimes have a hard time finding the exact herbs I need and ran across this in the freezer section of REWE. Good to know! Wish I had known it earlier!


Here’s our color-coded shopping calendar.  GO TEAM BLUE!


That’s all I have time for now.

Jackson Academy has only two more weeks of official school before we’re out for summer! (The teens will have some assignments to finish up on their own, but… that’s on them.)

(Jackson Academy is our homeschool name… we chose that name because we started homeschooling while at Fort Jackson and were required to pick a name… had no intention of homeschooling all the way through but here we are!) 

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6 Responses to Corona Days – 19-24

  1. Maria Currey says:

    Live your voice and praying for you and yours, sweet Jennifer! Gentle thanks in these hard circumstances. NY or bust in God’s time!

  2. Pammy M. says:

    I love reading your posts. I do read them and I want to come in on them but I cannot always remember my password LOL! So I thought I would just email you. You described so much and in such a wonderful way and I feel like I’ve had a conversation with you each time I read your blog. Which is very important right now to me. It’s funny when life keeps you from seeing people How are you realize that people just don’t call you. I’ve been wondering about that. My mind tells me I don’t have friends but my heart says that can’t be true. I try to be A friend. It seems I am the one calling my friends and most the time no one calls me. Is that a reflection upon me? I don’t know.

    There’s been a lot of them for self reflectiOn and prayer. I feel that I have not had time to grieve properly because I am staying strong for my family. I do not have much time away from my family. I do go to the church to rehearse and to do Livestreams. But that’s when I have work to do and that’s not just time to myself.

    We have to think about Eli And the medicine he is all that reduces his immune system. So we cannot get him out around a lot of people right now. At least according to all were here. The hard thing is that there are people who do not believe any of this is true and therefore want to get out and do things and they do not understand the position that those with a suppressed immune system are in ….regardless of whether it is true false or hyped.

    Also on Thursday after 23 years Donnie lost his job. Second and third shift were terminated… Not just laid off. We are maneuvering the unemployment process which neither of us have ever had to do. It affects Donnie’s viewpoint of who he is as a person. We are living in the lap of the Lord and trusting in his hands. Which is a great place to be by the way!

    I am praying for you my sister. Emotions and thoughts can be struggles at times. Who you are is why I loved you from the first day we met :). Keep the faith, as they say. Day by day, Take the next step. And we can do more than nothing. Those are phrases I tell myself over and over. Sent from my iPhone


    • Jennifer says:

      I am so grateful for your friendship, even if we haven’t seen each other in (eh-hem..) years. Too many. I bet that many of us are struggling with the same feelings of loneliness that you are expressing. I know that the enemy wants us to feel alone and to not see the blessings we’ve been given. It’s easy to focus on a splinter in our foot that hurts like the dickens and ignore the blessing that the rest of our bodies are whole and healthy. The only thing that gets our attention is the splinter… something that is easily removed with short-lived pain.

      Day by day. Take the next step. Good, solid words. I very much appreciate your gentle sprit and encouraging heart. (See if you can build in a 30 minute window for yourself this week. It’s a challenge.)

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