Anna learns to ride a bike!

Balance bikes are AMAZING. Parker learned to ride a bike using a balance bike, and transitioned like a pro when he got a pedal-bike. If you’ve never seen one, check this out. Anna got this bike when she was two and over time she’s mastered the hardest part of learning to ride: balancing.

Here’s Anna’s pedal bike:

April 2018 – Kelley Barracks – Stuttgart
April 2018

March 2020 brought us the Stay-At-Home order and fortunately we were allowed to get out and exercise. For exercise we took the littles in the fields and there’s this one hill that is super fun… for the kid. Anna having neither brakes nor fear meant this hill was not that much fun for me!

We plan to buy Anna a big-girl bike when we move to NY but didn’t want to do so before the move, but this experience made us realize that in order to the safe, Anna needs a bike with brakes.

Fortunately we live in a neighborhood with hundreds of kids and generous neighbors, so we were able to borrow a big-girl bike for her.

This picture is of Anna the last days she rode her balance bike in the fields. We were excited to get to see the German Police horses snacking on some hay.

March 16, 2020

Here’s a quick video showing her on the balance bike. (March 19)

March 19, 2020

And then her first few attempts on the pedal bike.

She didn’t love having an audience so later on I took her down to the soccer fields and she did even better.

We then tried a bigger bike and while she could control it, it was a bit too big.
(March 20, 2020)

And finally, we found one that is the perfect size for her! We have some great neighbors who have made this possible! (March 25, 2020)

Super proud of our kiddo!!

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