Timely words…

I’ve shared before that the most way I most clearly hear from God is through words. Some of my friends feel closest to Him in nature, or when they see a particular kind of bird. Some more easily recognize His presence when creating or listening to music. I love it when something I read ties in with what is going on in my life, especially when I didn’t seek out those words. Meaning, I didn’t pick a specific book to read because it would tie into my current situation. I feel that those times are special “God shots” – moments He lets Himself be known to me in a real and personal way.

We have a read-aloud time each morning as a way to start our day. I have done this all throughout our homeschooling years except for one, (Hayden’s 8th grade year) and I missed it dreadfully. I got “permission” from Sarah Mackenzie of Read Aloud Revival and Andrew Pudewa of IEW to reincorporate it even though my kids were older.

BC – or before Covid-19, I had planned to finish the book we were on and quit reading aloud to the kids in the morning for the rest of this school year. I really wanted to get as much “real school” done before our packers came. When all of this hit I decided I should keep our routine as familiar as possible; I really prefer to start each day with all of my students in the same room spending a few minutes together on the same subject. We need that normalcy with all the craziness that is going on.

We have been reading from Pricilla Schirer’s Prince Warriors Series. Toward the end of book three is a Chapter called “The Plague.” We all kind of grinned at that title because on the day we read chapter we were just entering the COVID mess – this was the day before our local schools closed down.

BOOK 3 – The Prince Warriors and the Swords of Rhema – Chapter 31

It was at that point that I really began to realize we were reading these books ‘for such a time as this’ and I was even more determined to continue our read-aloud time every morning.

This week were are in Book 4, and we read Chapters 7 & 8 on Tuessday.

A line that stood out that day was from Ruwach, the counselor or guide, and he said,

“It’s Winter. Winter is the time of rest. Sleep. But also testing. It can be a difficult time. When life seems… absent.”

Book 4 – The Winter War – page 38

Sure, the first day of spring was last week, but we have all been forced into a season of rest. Testing. And with so much going on, life can seem absent. But it’s not! And that’s one reason I love that we are being told to get out and exercise (while still honoring social distancing)… because we are able to see spring breaking through!

Family walk after online church on Sunday.

Chapter 4, which starts two pages after that quote, is titled, “Bad Things Happening” and describes one of the characters visiting someone in a hospital. We are hearing so much about hospitals right now that it caught our attention… as if the title of the chapter hadn’t already done so.

And the last chapter we read, Chapter 8, describes school being cancelled due to snow. The story is set where they rarely get snow and this snow storm was crippling the city.

The radio was saying…people needed to stay home and not go anywhere. Everything was closed anyway, so there wasn’t really anywhere to go.

Book 4 – Winter War – page 49

Sound familiar?

All of that was from one series.

We are also starting “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis. This quote is from the Forward of the edition we’re reading:

“How strange it must have seemed to turn on the radio, which was every day bringing news of death and unspeakable destruction, and hear one man talking…about decent and humane behavior, faith play, and the importance of knowing right from wrong.”

Forward by Kathleen Noris – page XVIII

CS Lewis had fought in WWI and during the 1940s he was asked by the BBC to speak to the nation regarding Christianity… those broadcasts have been compiled into the work “Mere Christianity” which is just the next book Bailey is supposed to read in his high school curriculum.

You can’t tell me that’s coincidence. I believe it’s the hand of God orchestrating what we read each day so that we line up with certain books on certain days. I want to take the time to recognize that within my heart, with my children, and occasionally, in this journal I write in a few times a month.

Maybe my words of encouragement will fill your heart in some way the way CS Lewis’ did in the 1940s. Please note, I am not comparing my words with those of C.S. Lewis’. I don’t claim to have anywhere near his wisdom. But the God he wrote about is the same God I write about and THAT fact gives me the courage to share my words and actually pray they do touch the hearts of anyone who reads them because it’s not my words that will have an impact. It’s God Himself I’m trying to highlight.

And while I’m at it let me say…

  • take time to listen to something positive today;
  • take time to read something positive today;
  • take time to say something positive today.

What are you reading? What are you learning? What are sharing?

I’m curious!

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