Anna Turns 4!

One thing I love about my daughter is that she knows what she wants. For her third birthday she said she wanted a “brown” birthday. It took some creativity on my part to convert a color into a theme, but “Brown Bear” worked beautifully. When I asked her to explain what she meant by “brown” she said, “You know mom… how the trees are brown!” She literally meant the color brown so we went with it.

Six months ago she determined that when she turned 4 she was going to have an Olaf birthday. Not Frozen. Not Anna. Not Elsa. OLAF.

And so we went with it.

I love how shy she gets when we sing to her! Not so shy that she’s miserable or wants to crawl under the table (like Carson was!) but happy-shy.

One of my favorite parts of the day was watching her blow out her candles. She purses her lips so that the air flows straight up… no where near the flame! ADORABLE.

In the pictures of her opening her presents check out how her feet are positioned. She sits like that all the time, and it melts her brothers’ hearts.

Her cake was the centerpiece of the day and the cake lady did a great job! In true Olaf-form something had to go wrong. He was so excited to be at Anna’s party that he started to lean backward and to keep him from falling off the cliff, we had to remove that tier early. You’ll notice that in the photos… No worries! He didn’t mind the extra attention and Anna certainly didn’t pay any attention to it!

Birthday Party Hack: I scooped “snow balls” (vanilla ice cream) into clear cups and set them around the cake. After we sang, anyone who wanted ice cream could grab theirs and snack on that while I was cutting the cake. That meant everyone got something tasty as soon as the song was over and it made waiting for the cake easier.

Look at those feet!

Instead of the traditional presents we did a book swap. Each child came with a wrapped book and I told a story. Every time I said ‘Olaf’ they sent the book one direction around the circle, and when I said ‘Anna,’ they passed it the other direction. (Should have stuck to a single direction only for this age group!) Each child got to open the book that landed in their hand and take that one home. I LOVED that Anna didn’t end up with tons of extra toys!!

We had bought her two Lego sets that were Olaf themed so Parker brought those out after most of our guests had left. She and her brothers put those sets together over the next few days. And a couple of the families brought gifts of books for Anna that she opened later… they know my girl and how much she loves books. 📚

We are so honored to be Anna’s family. We are so thankful God placed her in our lives. She makes every day brighter. We pray big things for her and are grateful for the many people all over the world who celebrate her along with us.

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3 Responses to Anna Turns 4!

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  2. Sally Matheny says:

    Wonderful post, Jennifer. It reminded me of when our middle kid wanted a “Backwards” birthday party. Everyone wore clothes on backward. We played relay games backward and the birthday cake was upside down! 🙂 Gotta love kids’ imaginations and the moms who encourage them. Give Anna a birthday hug for me.

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