Officially a Lifegiver!

Last year a friend of mine approached me about being a part of her company and we both prayed about it for a few months. We talked about what her needs were and what I could bring to her company based on both of our strengths. In October I officially joined the team and have been learning the ropes ever since. Corie has trusted me with a great task and I pray I can bring to ideas and content to the table that enhance her vision. Our goal is to breathe life into service marriages with everything we release.

Earlier this month I wrote an article for the Lifegiver blog with tips on how service members (both military and first responders) can strengthen their marriages. Some of the ideas were originally mine while others were submitted by other members of the Lifegiver community. I am implementing them a few of them in my own marriage. That article starts out like this:

Keep the SPARK in Your Service Marriage

It’s a new year! This is the perfect time to take your 2020 calendar and add 12 items that will help you keep your marriage full of life.

If your spouse is deployed or has travel dates, you may have to be creative in this, but it is absolutely possible to plan something every month of the year.

Three ideas for selecting the 12 dates on the calendar:

  1. Plan a date or special activity on the date of your anniversary. For example, if you got married on the 5th of May, mark that date each month to do something with or for your spouse.
  2. Look ahead at each month and select a date that works best for your marriage for that specific month.
  3. Set aside the 1st Saturday of each month (or 3rd Tuesday… whatever works) as an ongoing date, blocked off.

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Another of my tasks is to work on the Lifegiver Newsletter which is sent to subscribers twice a month. Here’s the link to the January 1, 2020 issue. If you have a friend or family member in service to our country, either in the armed forces or as a first responder, feel free to share that newsletter with them. (We have a little game built into the newsletter. 😉)

Your prayers are coveted as I learn to balance school/home-life and a job (even if it’s part-time, and from home).
Of even more importance is that I bring to the table content that helps Corie and Lifegiver, and that what I do honors the Lord.

PS: For those of you who are NC friends, Corie and her husband (also Matt) graduated from Gardner-Webb with my Matt… I graduated a year later! 🙂 In this picture we had all met up in 2014 to honor my-Matt and Corie as they were inducted as Distinguished Alumni. Special times! During our original time at GWU no one had Army Chaplaincy on the mind… at least my-Matt didn’t. We were later stationed together at Fort Carson and pray that someday we can be stationed together again! (Just found this blog post of mine… the second post I ever wrote… Carson busted his head open at her house one day and we had to go have his forehead glued… he and I literally just talked about this event today!)

PPS. Corie is pretty distinguished. If I copied and pasted her bio here, it’d more than double the length of this blog post, which I just wrote to journal the fact that I got a job doing something I love, with a friend I love, about a topic I love. BUT, if you want to know more about Corie, check out her “About” page!

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2 Responses to Officially a Lifegiver!

  1. Sybil Kee says:

    I am so happy for this opportunity to share your passion for God and helping others to experience a loving relationship like Matt and you have. Love you.

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