Christmas Day, 2019

Our Christmas this year was different from any other, as we had family in town. Literally, that was a first!

Here are some pictures from that special day and another post will be coming soon to journal our time with family.

The boys were given money ahead of time to buy what they want – no one in our family can be accused of having “Gifts” as their top-love-language, which works out well because literally everyone is happy with the way we do gifts.

  • Hayden bought some vinyl that he would have never spent his hard-earned money on.
  • Carson spent time with friends earlier in the month and bought a few shirts that were splurges. I bought a light box for him for art.
  • Bailey ordered shoes. (My kids got their love of shoes from their dad!)
  • Parker got a Christian McCaffery jersey, some Pop Figures and Legos.

Anna is not much of a toy girl. She doesn’t really play with dolls or Little People but she will have us read books to her over and over again. One of her gifts this year was a box of magnet manipulatives, but she also got a toy horse (with all the goodies that go along), a VTECH phone that plays songs, and a Polly Pocket. Beyond that: books. And looking back she’s her favorites are the phone that sings songs and the books. (Especially the Usborne “shine-a-light” book!)

Her reactions to these gifts has led us to decide on a Book-Swap birthday party rather than a traditional, “bring-more-plastic-things” party for her 4th birthday which is just around the corner. Check out this funny reaction to another book!

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2 Responses to Christmas Day, 2019

  1. Sheri Prescott says:

    Ah, I love this video of sweet Anna opening her beloved books! I think she takes after her mommy a bit in the book lover department. 🙂 And I can’t wait to hear about her book-swap-birthday party! Love that idea!! So many hugs!!!

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