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It’s always an honor to be asked to share what is on my heart in someone else’s space. Sometimes I’m asked to speak at an event, write an article for a magazine, or guest-post for a friend’s blog. No matter the format I feel a responsibility to share the truth in love, and to respect the audience by doing so with as much transparency as possible.

One of my friends from North Carolina, fellow blogger and mom by adoption, Sally Matheny, invited me to write for her this month as November is National Adoption Month. Long before Sally contacted me I had a post-it note on my white board with a blog-post idea and as soon as I got this invitation from Sally I knew that that idea was finally going to find its way to the page. It was to answer the question I am most often asked:

“So, how do we go about starting the adoption process?” 

If you know our story you know we didn’t start it at all. God directed the whole thing and adoption found us. Please take a few minutes and head over to Sally’s website to check out what I want to tell everyone who is even starting to consider the POSSIBILITY of adopting.

Thank you, Sally, for allowing me to share!

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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2 Responses to Guesting-posting over at!

  1. Sally Matheny says:

    Jennifer, thank you for sharing those four crucial points everyone needs to consider before adopting. Even those who are not led to the path of adopting will find helpful insights in your message. Thank you for your willingness and for your transparency.

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