20th in Venice – Matt’s Thoughts

Matt’s turn to talk! He took some fun pictures on our trip and they brought up all sorts of new memories from the trip. I loved going back through our trip seeing things from his perspective. So, without any more from me, I present Matt:

20 years together! Actually we’ve been together for 24 years, but on this trip we celebrated 20 years of marriage. I could not have asked God for a better partner, friend, wife, mother to our children, and traveling companion on this nomadic journey we call Army life. We looked at several locations for this trip, but settled on Venice because it is beautiful and we’ve been there before which means we felt no pressure to see all the sights in a new place. This was a relaxing trip that we both thoroughly enjoyed. St. Marks Square is an amazing place. There are tourists everywhere, yet its beauty cannot be hidden…much like the Beauty beside me in this picture.

We had amazing weather for this trip. It was hot and humid, but we weren’t wading through 2 feet of water like our last visit. I think it is unbelievable that this city has no cars (where would they drive?) or bikes. I cannot imagine another city like this anywhere. It truly is amazing.

We went to swanky mall near the Rialto bridge. It felt like we were very underdressed, but everyone else was too. The mall had a security guard at the door who greeted everyone. I found the watches (I love watches) and was drawn immediately to the IWC Big Pilot. I remember watching the commentary on John Mayer’s “Any Given Thursday” concert DVD back in 2004 and he mentioned his first nice watch: the IWC Big Pilot. This is the first one I’ve seen in person and they let me try it on. It was amazing, but I still can’t see how a watch can cost 13,700 euro. I’ve never owned a car that cost that much. It was neat to try it on and see how the other half live. At the end of the day I ordered an homage off of Amazon for $100. Occasionally I put it on and play my PRS Silver Sky John Mayer signature model guitar and pretend I am a rock icon… in my bedroom.

We found a couple vantage points to see the sights from that were spectacular, but quite honestly I can’t look past my wife. I’m still amazed she’s mine!

We are Americans. We love the Hard Rock Cafe. It is an institution, possibly an institution dedicated to American decadence and overpriced hamburgers, but they have free refills, all the ketchup you want, loud music and rock memorabilia everywhere. Jennifer graciously indulges me in the rite of passage for every city we visit. I unashamedly love it!

Having a son who is very artistic has opened me up to all this art. Hayden and I saw a Banksy on display in the Stuttgart art museum that was really cool. This painting was even more remarkable because it was found in the natural environment that Banksy usually paints. We just happened to hear about it in an off-hand comment so we researched it. Banksy had just painted it the month prior.

The Bridge with no parapet. No rails! This is how many of them were originally, and, because there were no street lights in Venice, many people fell into the water. There are only two bridges left without rails.

Thanks, babe, for stopping by with your thoughts on our trip! Looking forward to the next to 20+!!

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