20th in Venice – Day 5

A dream activity of mine was to take sunrise photos at St. Marks. Nothing was holding me back other other than the desire to sleep, but knowing this was my last opportunity gave me the push I needed to set the alarm. I did so and got out of the apartment without waking Matt. I was up and moving before the coffee shops were open, if that says anything.

When I arrived in the square I realized I had found my people. The only other people there were photographers who were there to capture the majesty of God’s creation in all its glory. The difference between them and me? They had tripods. That meant I was very limited in where I could aim my camera. I was very thankful that the restaurant that sits at the entrance of the square left its tables and chairs out overnight. Knowing I didn’t have a tripod I brought along several towels and washcloths to create a safe and level base.

I had a couple of hours to sit in the quiet and to absorb just where I was. It was surreal: the stillness of the square, the knowledge that I was in St. Mark’s square, at sunrise. So much to think on including our first trip here in 2012 during Acqua Alta, the blazing hot days Matt and I had just spent wandering through the streets of this magical city. I didn’t listen to anything… I just sat. And I took a lot of pictures. I’m going to post them individually rather than in a slideshow so that I can make comments about them.

Sorry for so many that seem like duplicates. I’m still enamored by all the different looks you can get out of the same spot using different settings and even more enamored by how much personality the light in a space has. It changes so rapidly at sunrise and sunset and I really had a good time capturing it.

Before the sun actually rose
I moved to a new spot. The sun was beginning to turn the sky orange.
You can see where it’s just about to peak over the building.
The way the orange light reflected off the stone was gorgeous.
The stone and the lamp posts reflecting the orange.
I was just about to move locations and when I stood up, the sun smacked me in the face. I sat back down and within 10 seconds it finally peaked over the building. I almost missed it.
Just a few seconds later, with some adjustments made.
With the sun in the lamp post. (This looks much darker on this blog than it does in Photos.)
Their photos are going to be STUNNING!
One last look at the St. Marks… just the day before we had stood on that balcony!
A 180* turn and a last view of the area where I had spent the past few hours waiting for the sun.

I got back to the apartment and climbed into bed! I slept for about an hour and a half before it was time to wake up and get packed to go home. Matt and I had a make-do lunch at Tronchetto and then took the tour bus back to Treviso airport. That is where we sat and played cards and ate these delicious treats!

Sunrise to Sunset.

That evening I sat watching Anna play in the sandbox and thought back on the day. Sunrise in St. Mark’s Square and sunset in our backyard.

There’s no place like home.

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3 Responses to 20th in Venice – Day 5

  1. Sybil Kee says:

    These photos are outstanding!!! You did a wonderful job ❤️

  2. Sybil Kee says:

    These photos are outstanding!!! You did a wonderful job ❤️

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