20th in Venice – Day 4

Our last full day in Venice was totally unscheduled and unplanned.  We woke up and decided that we really would regret not going inside St. Mark’s Cathedral and, that while we were at it, we may as well go up into the tower that is in the square, St Mark’s Campanile.

We bought skip-the-line tickets for both and that proved to be helpful. If you decide to go inside St. Marks, be sure you are wearing appropriate clothing. If you find yourself there on a whim and are wearing shorts or a sleeveless shirt, they do sell very inexpensive pieces of cloth that are used to wrap around your shoulders and around your waist as a skirt. Read up on the regulations before you go. 

In the movie Inferno, Tom Hanks is seen on the top of the basilica with the famous horses. The other character tells him that these aren’t the original horses… that they are in a museum. As it turns out the museum is just inside the basilica so Matt and I were able to see both! The views from the top of the church are well worth the museum’s price of admission! After seeing the view from there we walked over to St Mark’s Campanile, (once again, we had skip-the-line tickets).  Such beautiful views from up there! We were there pretty early and could have entered with very little wait without the skip-the-line passes, but while we were inside enjoying the views the lines grew much longer. It was nice to be there before the crowds.

Later in the day we rode across the lagoon to The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore to take pictures back toward St. Mark’s Square. 

By this point we were sweltering in what was a newsworthy heatwave. We headed back to our apartment to hide from the heat in the air conditioning. Vacations are for naps, so we made sure to enjoy one of those! That evening, once the peak of the heat had passed, we took a gondola ride from the stop just outside our apartment. That was a really special part of my trip, to be honest. It was one thing to take a gondola ride from just any old stand, but to take one round-trip from the spot just outside our window was pretty neat.

And here: the part of the trip I’m most proud of, the night-time pictures I took at Rialto Bridge. The pictures I took during the photo-tour were very much guided by the professional photographer. These were all me! And I was very limited in where I could place my camera. I didn’t have a tripod so I had to use the edges of the actual bridge, severely limiting the scene! With all of that said, I’m incredibly pleased with this first set of on-my-own attempts!

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5 Responses to 20th in Venice – Day 4

  1. Maria Currey says:

    Such a beautiful account of your ventures through Venice, dear Jennifer!! Love your gifted photographic perspective!! Most exquisite memories!! Heart hugs, Maria

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    • Jean Hyatt says:

      The Photos are Magical & Beautiful, I Love the way Y’all Go on Trips , I Love Venice. Be careful in Europe watch your Friends, It’s a dangerous place. I Love Y’all All The Boy & Baby Girl, I Love You Jennifer & Matt.

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  3. Beth Tarcza says:

    Ohh, how I love Venice!
    So glad you got to go just the 2 of
    you! A person can never go too many times to Venice!
    I’m loving seeing your pictures of Europe. I’m longing to return for a lengthy stay…. but I need to work on contentment where I am! Sigh!

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