July Activities ~ 2019

This summer I made it a point to set aside Wednesdays for pool days. We often went with (or took) friends, filling the Family Truckster to the brim! (We kept the extra seat in all summer long!) To make dinners easier on Wednesdays, Monica and I alternated “hosting” each other’s family for outside-dinner.

The teens play a game that is a cross between volleyball and soccer.

Carson heads it back over the “net.”

Parker, Anna, and I participated in the Summer Reading Program at the Patch Library. The theme was “Take me to the Movies” and the room was decorated so well! We loved going each week to move our ‘stars’ forward based on the number of minutes we’d read. And guess what? At the end of the summer, WE WON THE GRAND PRIZE!!! We won a $1000 Gift Certificate to Europapark (an amusement park)!! We haven’t used it yet, but we are VERY much looking forward to it!! Thank you, Patch Library & MWR!!

Parker’s star by the 900 minutes.

Elizabeth made it in and here is a “proof-of-life” picture I sent her mom! We converted the office so she’d have a quiet place to stay. She and Hayden hit the ground running and shopped the vintage stores in downtown Stuttgart.

This picture was taken on our trip to Vienna, but I forgot to include it in that post. When walking through the food court deciding what to have for dinner, Anna wanted a corn taco. I had NO CLUE what she meant. Finally, we found a place similar to Qdoba and she pointed out exactly what she wanted: corn on a tortilla.

I’m writing this post in December 2019 but posting it retroactively so that it is organized chronologically.

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