Motherhood Musing: May and June 2019

You know all those pictures and videos you take of random cute things your kids do? What do you do with the ones that don’t really warrant a full blog post/scrapbook page? 

We use them to entertain Anna when we need her to be quiet in a public place! She LOVES to go back through these memories and while they may not be stand-alone events, I feel like these memories are worth sharing. This post includes random special memories from May and June 2019. 

Dying Easter eggs. (I’m not a crafty mommy so I had to have proof that I did this.)



While I’m not crafty,  I do love taking my kids on dates. Parker and I found a great doner shop in downtown Stuttgart. 


We also found a TON of Pop Figures. 
IMG_6976Date with Hayden:IMG_7333IMG_7335

Parker’s spring season of soccer:IMG_7002

Some of my kids playing on the firetruck at the aptly named “Firetruck park” in our neighborhood.IMG_6970


This video combines three cute, short videos of Anna-girl:
1. More from our egg-dying day.
2. Anna tell me about the fact that her door was broken. Notice how she has a hard time telling how her door got broken. Then notice how she thinks about not telling me who broke it but does in the end.
3. Showing Anna four new dress-up outfits. I reveal just how non-girly I am. I still don’t know what that little piece is.

(I’m writing this on November 12th but I’m going to backdate this post to June.) 

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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