Swiss Army Knife Museum ~ Victorinox

Switzerland has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. I had a hard time paring down the photos to share.

There aren’t a ton of words for this trip other than fast, wonderful, and pleasant. It was the Truckster’s first official family trip! We have had several trips but due to various things (stomach bugs, work schedules, etc.) not everyone was able to go on those trips.

This trip to Brunnen, Switzerland was great! It was a there-and-back with a night in a hostel so that we didn’t have to do all the driving on one day. I picked a hostel that had gorgeous views in case Anna and I decided to stay there during the time the men were at the knife museum.

We arrived in the evening and had the most warm welcome… Hostel Rotschuo is right on the water and the hostess took to Anna immediately. She even took Anna over the counter to see what it was like to work in the office.  The kids liked the place enough to want to come back in the summer when the water is warm enough to swim in. We slept well, had the place to ourselves (only one other couple was there), and the breakfast was wonderful.

When it came time to go to the knife museum for the men to make their own, personalized Swiss Army Knives, Anna and I tagged along, knowing that we had a fun place to return to if we got bored. The museum was three levels and had plenty to keep us entertained with minimal toddler-wrangling.

The experience was one I highly recommend: special and unique.

I apologize for the quantity of photos… there were so many good ones and in only a short, 24 hour trip!

I’m going to post some of these as slideshows to save on space.

The first set of photos show what we saw when we arrived in Brunnen the night before our museum appointment.

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Before the family woke up I snuck into the breakfast area to get some “Cultivate” time in.


The breakfast room… it was 500 YEARS OLD, people!!!

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Leaving the hostel for our adventure at the Swiss Army Museum. What. a. view.IMG_6625

Around Brunnen…

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Video of Bailey’s name being engraved:

Swiss Army Knife engraving from jennifer Hamrick on Vimeo.




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4 Responses to Swiss Army Knife Museum ~ Victorinox

  1. Sybil Kee says:

    What a beautiful place. These memories will last for a lifetime. So glad you can make them.

  2. beth tarcza says:

    Jennifer, I think I remember that red -roofed farmhouse! I was my favorite view on the way to the alps!

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