Parker is 9!

Our fourth son is nine years old today! We have treasured every single one of his days and are so thankful he is in our family.

Parker has the blessing and the challenge of being raised with three teenage brothers. This means sometimes he knocks our socks off with the maturity and depth of what he is thinking and saying… other times he sounds like a teenager and has to be reminded that he’s 9, not 19.  He’s the king of brutally-honest compliments:  “Mom, so, this isn’t my favorite meal, but it’s not horrible.” We sometimes have to remind him that maybe no complement is better than a halfway-negative compliment. All joking aside, he really does speak like a person much older than he is, adding to the old-soul personality he’s always had. I believe he will be a great writer one day.

I love to watch him grow in his relationships with each of his siblings. He is currently rooming with Hayden and they are good together – but he recently said he misses rooming with Bailey and the closer relationship they had when they were roommates. He’s good with Anna, though he’s mastered the big-brother irritation that can evoke an ear-splitting squeal that indicates her displeasure with whatever he’s doing.

Parker has rocked this year of third grade. He just finished Teaching Textbooks 3 and started 4 today. He’s reading chapter books on his own and just today finished the classic,  “Ralph S. Mouse” and got to watch the movie during school hours with his friends, Fin and Charleston! What a cool benefit of homeschooling! He has written several stories this year, using All Things Fun and Fascinating by IEW.

Parker’s faith is growing, as well. Lately he’s been reading a Psalm with us each night and praying. He’s been intentionally trying to trust the Lord when he’s afraid or anxious. It’s a precious thing to witness.

Typically Parker and Bailey celebrate their birthdays together but this year each decided on a friends-only birthday. (They decided this independent of one another! I have been dreading the day when one wanted that but the other still wanted a joint party! God orchestrated it so that this was the year that both wanted separate parties!)

Parker decided to go to Kibungu and we are SO HAPPY to have the Truckster. It allowed me to take Parker, his five friends, and Carson and Bailey to the indoor play place. Oh, and yes… I said Bailey and Carson. The night before Parker’s party he asked me if he could also bring his big brothers. Bless! Of course I said yes, though Hayden and Matt had other errands to attend to. Our Truckster made taking along those two brothers possible.


Kibungu is a huge place and these kids were all over it! I didn’t even get to go around to take pictures of them! Just check it out in the background of the pictures. There is an indoor soccer field, several trampolines, a mountain to climb, go carts, golf, and more. Basically, a good place to wear out a bunch of boys.


Parker’s big present this year was the trip to Kibungu and the skateboard he’s wanted for about six months.


His party theme was “Super Hero” and his cake was pretty awesome. Everything was edible except for the stick inside Thor’s hammer.

And because everyone needs to see how cool this trick is:

Happy Birthday, handsome Parker! We absolutely love being your parents!


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  1. Happy 9th birthday, Parker!! What a fun party and I know a boy who is very thankful for your friendship!

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