Snow Days! {Feb 2019}

Snow is magical. I love snow. My husband and kids also love snow. While we haven’t had a ton of the white stuff, we have had a enough to play in.

One day I left for a walk with sun shining on the snow beautifully. So beautifully that I stopped and took pictures of a few things on the way out:

Look at the heavy snow on the trees! Look at the blue sky!


And no joke: thirty minutes later I was stuck in a blizzard of hail and snow. I actually stopped a few minutes after the photo above and just watched the clouds roll in. Light snow started falling and I just smiled… and then the hail started and I shortened my walk, going straight back home instead of the long way!!IMG_5802IMG_5803

I’ve been around snow a lot, but the snow that fell on the fourth of January was unlike any I’ve ever seen before. For the first time in my life I saw snow pack… I made a snowball that, when rolled, actually grew.  The term “debt snowball” took on a new meaning to me watching the snowball I made in my two hands grow as Anna and I rolled it on the ground.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

{If you see an error or a large white space below this slideshow, it’s because there is an issue with Vimeo right now. Eventually there will be a video montage below.}


All of our kids had fun in the snow but I only have pictures of Anna. The bigs were all off building a fort with a slide while I followed Anna around. 🙂

I’ve been asking my teens to send pics but they’re slow at it, so their pictures will be added at a later date.

I don’t know where the delicacy snow cream originated, but I do know that I learned how to make it from my dad. He passed down his sweet tooth and so when enough snow falls, I feel the excitement of making this treat for my kids. We actually had enough to supply my family AND the movie night being hosted for a few group of kids upstairs!


This photo makes me laugh… We set a bowl out in hopes that it’d fill up enough to make snow cream. I ended up taking my Instant Pot pot out, filling it up, along with two of these large bowls. We had plenty of snow for our treats. 🙂

Another day we went for our annual well visits, entering with blue skies and upon exit, the largest flakes we’ve ever seen were falling from the sky. Photos simply can’t do them justice. IMG_5851Going for groceries with Daddy!img_5826.jpegThe Truckster enjoying the snow. IMG_5804There were some nights that I wanted to get my walk in and so Anna and I went, in snowsuits and boots, along the frozen paths. Gorgeous.

We really are praying for more snow before the beautiful German spring arrives.

{I wrote this post while on my amazing holiday away at the hotel by myself, and now that February is almost over, I figured I’d better post it. I just asked Siri… it’s 60 degrees outside. It’s been absolutely gorgeous around here and kids have been playing in shorts and tees. I stick by my last statement… I would love one more big snow before the spring comes to stay but I will admit, this taste of it has done a good job at getting me in the mood for spring.}

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