Cooking with Mommy

All four of our boys are all fairly good cooks. They will not starve when they move out of our home, but none of them gravitated to my side when I was cooking dinner. They gravitated to the kitchen when dinner was ready but only once it was ready, not during the process. They learned to cook because I made them learn.

Not so with Anna. If that girl sees me in the kitchen she wants to get her stool out to cook with me. Because of this, and because the stool she used to use was not safe, I jumped at the chance to purchase a learning tower from a neighbor who was moving.  (It’s a thing. Google it.)

We saved it for Anna’s big birthday present. In the following video the brothers had just woken Anna from her nap in preparation for her birthday party. She was a bit drowsy, and that makes the video even cuter to me! In this video we “revealed” her learning tower and after everything sank in (the balloons, the chocolate, etc.) she looked at me and said, “I can cook with you.”  Be still this mama’s heart.


{Sidebar that is a sidebar only on this blog post. In our life, it’s front and center:
You can also hear her reasoning for wanting a brown birthday… “Because I’m brown.” I do hope and pray we are giving her an appreciation for her ethnicity. She’s white and black. We are intentionally inviting our black friends to speak into Anna’s life and to affirm her blackness. We don’t have to do anything specific to affirm her whiteness as she lives in a white family, but we want to be incredibly intentional to acknowledge all of who she is. We admit that we lack what it takes to speak into that part of her from a place of “I know what it’s like” but we can affirm that she is beautiful, perfect, and made in the image of God. I have so many thoughts on this topic but I will save them for another time.}

One of our most fun cooking days was a day I was preparing homemade biscuits (from Magnolia Table – a cookbook given to me for Christmas!) and Anna wanted to be right there by my side. No worries.  I gave her a bowl, the plastic salt and pepper shakers, flour, a few spices that were going to expire soon, and she was off. By the end she had made her own concoction with the following ingredients:

  • flour,
  • salt, (entire shaker)
  • pepper, (entire shaker)
  • buttermilk,
  • water,
  • all-spice,
  • cream of tartar,
  • mom’s excess biscuit dough,
  • one whole potato.
  • (And to top it all off, one sneeze.)

The activity was fun enough that even Parker got involved.

IMG_5935IMG_5936IMG_5944IMG_5933Every baker needs photographic proof of her effort… flour on the forehead.IMG_5939


Please note the whole potato she plopped into her batter.

And because I never make breakfast (from scratch) and wanted to document my proud moment, here were the biscuits and gravy I made from Joanna Gaines’ cookbook that Stephanie gave me!!


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2 Responses to Cooking with Mommy

  1. Sybil Kee says:

    Beautiful biscuits and gravy!!!

  2. Sybil Kee says:

    Anna is growing up so fast. She’s like a sponge soaking up every detail of all that goes on around her. Such a precious princess. I can’t wait to spend time with her.

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