Happy New Year ~ 2019

We said farewell to 2018 (happily, I might add) with friends. The first half of the night we spent with two families (fourteen kids represented). At this party we ate lots of delicious foods, drank yummy cider, and then shot fireworks at a nearby field. The second half of the night was spent with friend just a few buildings away from our house, which was perfect for Matt and Anna, who went home to bed. Here I chatted with a new friend who is also part of the adoption community. I didn’t get a headcount of children but there were about 20.

I have very few pictures from that night because I just didn’t take many and many of what I have were taken outside! On the First we took the kids bowling and friends met us there for some bowling fun.

We are hopeful that 2019 will be kinder to us than the past year, and we are very thankful to be feeling so much more at home here in Stuttgart.

It is hard to see but from this balcony we could see fireworks being shot across the horizon. We could see pretty well the first five minutes or so but then it got so foggy that the fireworks were mostly hidden in the mist.

Some German neighbors shot off fireworks right outside the gate! That was our kids’ biggest entertainment. (Until Craig accidentally lit the entire pack of sparklers on fire in his hand. That was pretty entertaining!)



I didn’t notice this while filming the video of Parker holding this sparkler, but it changed colors as it burned. That was super cool!


Our sleeping beauty… coming up on her third birthday.img_5740img_5741img_5745


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1 Response to Happy New Year ~ 2019

  1. Maria Currey says:

    Loving and praying for you and your family through the words you share, dear Jennifer! You and yours are making a mighty mark in God’s kingdom. So thankful He’s giving you a sense of home and community in Stuttgart!
    Praying for you!!
    Much Love,

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