Halloween 2018

We don’t “celebrate” halloween but we do let the kids dress up and give/get candy.

This year was fun because we joined the three other families in our stairwell for a chili dinner while we sat and handed out candy in front of our building.

We really are blessed with the families in our stairwell and thank God for them! Parker teamed up with an upstairs friend to be the Mario Brothers. In the chaos of the night, neither mom got a picture of this duo!

Months ago we met a new family and we fell into step with them very easily. They are another “soccer-loving, large family, teens-to-tot” and, to top it off, they’re also another family by adoption. Their youngest made a wonderful Maui and so we couldn’t resist having Anna be Moana.

You’re welcome:

IMG_4802 (1)

Oh, and this little Maui’s hair is naturally stick-straight, long, healthy, and gorgeous. The curls were done with overnight sponge rollers! HOW ADORABLE?!?!?



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4 Responses to Halloween 2018

  1. Jean Hyatt says:

    We Love Anna’s Costume, and her Friend. We Love your Family!

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  3. Oh my cuteness!!! Absolutely the cutest Maui and Moana!

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