Hayden’s Senior Year and College Plans

I’m shocked to see myself type the word “college” in reference to my own child. I’m excited and proud, and, for good reason, relieved.

I’m relieved because he’s decided to stay with us and knock out the first two years online, giving this mama’s heart a little delay in the inevitable. {The inevitable being that these precious treasures will be leaving the nest sooner than I’d like to admit.}

B02A1384Hayden’s senior year is turning out to be a doozy. It’s intended that the junior year be the hardest with the senior year being left to sort out colleges, scholarships, and making future plans. With our crazy transition from Texas to Germany, some of his classes got delayed and he’s working hard on classes we had hoped to finish last year.

B02A1551He’s currently taking Chemistry, Pre-calculus, Literature, History, Film Analysis, and then some, all while working 20 hours at Subway.

He applied to Central Texas College, was accepted, and is registered to earn an Associate of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. Basically, this two-year degree will allow him to slide into just about any 4-year Texas school with his basic classes completed. Matt and I are thrilled at his plans and are incredibly proud of him and how hard he’s working to pay for school himself and with no loans.

B02A1347He isn’t sure what kind of degree he wants to get, nor what kind of job he ultimately wants. He’s a creative but the thought of monetizing his creativity doesn’t sound like fun to him. He loves music; not just the music itself, but the industry. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up working to design band art, doing photography during concerts, or designing band merch.

I took a picture of him holding his acceptance letter but he did not give me permission to share it, so it’s mine to treasure. In lieu of a photo of him holding that, here are his senior photos that we had taken last month.


This “little bit” may have played a big role in his decision to stick around a little longer.


The Photography was done by Rebecca Cantrelle! She was amazing.

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3 Responses to Hayden’s Senior Year and College Plans

  1. Evelyn says:

    I have missed reading your blogs. They have grown so much the boys…and I’m still trying to decide who looks like who…. 🙂

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  3. These pictures of your boy!!!!

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