Bye, bye, Passy

It’s been our practice to take passys away from the baby at one-year-old. With most of the kids, that worked beautifully. With Parker, he started sucking his thumb as a result. He showed us!

With Anna, there were a number of reasons we didn’t take the passy away at one. Parker’s reaction being the main reason. We figured that if there was a chance she could start sucking her thumb, it’d be easier to just let her keep the passy until we were really ready to break her of the habit than to have to break her of the thumb some day. With Parker, we got lucky, some might say.

While we were on our big trip to Italy he spent a lot of time sucking his thumb because he was in strollers and being carried on our backs. Not nearly enough time down running around, playing. He sucked his thumb so much he literally sucked a sore into his thumb and one night, walking through the streets of Venice, blood started trickling down his wrist.


Notice the bandage on his thumb.

We had nothing with us but we were heading back to the apartment so we took care of it when we got back. We put a bandaid on the blister, which, naturally, kept him from being able to suck his thumb. Seeing that we had a way to break him of this habit (he was a few months before he was to turn three) we just kept replacing the bandaid every few days. This bandaid ritual went on for a few weeks with him crying each time we took it off, afraid it was going to start bleeding again. Bless him.

When we finally quit replacing the bandaid he was broken of the habit.

Knowing that something so natural was not likely to happen should Anna need to be broken of sucking her thumb, we opted to allow her the passy longer than we had allowed the others.

When she was turning two, we were facing an overseas move. Not the time.
Then we had broken bones and surgeries. Not the time.
Then we had guests come. Not the time.
Then we potty trained. Not the time.
Then we traveled to Poland and Berlin. Not the time.
Then we had more guests. Not the time.

In October Anna had her first dentist visit and she did great letting the hygienist “count” her teeth. The dentist mentioned that she could tell Anna used a passy and then told Anna that she’d soon need to stop using it.

The next day “the Roomba ate Anna’s passy” and clipped the tip off. Things were pretty hard for Anna the first two weeks during nap-times but betimes were surprisingly easy. I sat with her during nap time for about a week, just to be a comfort to her.

A less-than-pleasant result has been that, most days, Anna can’t get still enough during nap-time to actually fall asleep. That passy had a soothing effect that helped her fall asleep quickly.

If I had to do it over again, I’d let her keep the passy longer. I even tried to give it back to her about a week in when I “found one in the toy box” but she actually refused it. Urg. So we’re stuck with a toddler who needs a three-hour daily nap but can’t get one because she can’t make her body be still enough to fall asleep. She’s sweet enough in her room during that rest time that I’m able to get household or teacher-chores done, but I know that she needs the sleep she’s missing.

So, all of that to say that the passy is a thing of the past and we are moving with great things. It’s fall, Christmas is around the corner, and we have a fun surprise to share soon-ish. (No new Hamricks are joining the family, so it’s not that great of a surprise…)

Stay tuned… {Or click here… the reveal has been posted.}

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