Fall, 2018

Happy Fall!

We are finally feeling at home and settled in. We have friends, a great ChapelNext Stuttgart Community, school is in full swing, and no one is injured or sick at the  moment.


I was really looking forward to a burst of color this fall, but the severe heat and drought conditions from this summer messed with our trees. We had individual trees turn gorgeous colors, but not simultaneously and many went straight from green to brown.
I stole joy from each colorful leaf I saw.

Here’s a brief summary of the past few months:

  • School:  Tomorrow we start week 11! I’ve never spent more time learning the material ahead of my child, but this year I’ve done every Chemistry and Pre-calc lesson ahead of Hayden so that I could help him if/when he needed it. These are two classes I never had so it’s taking a LOT of my time. I’ll be ready the next four times around, so this is time well spent!
  • Toddlering: Anna is potty trained and in the process of weaning from the passy. We went cold turkey, and is a story I’ll tell someday. (Click here for that story.) Bless her heart.
  • Soccer: We had fun adventures and NO injuries, so I will call this a fantastic season!
  • College: Um, I wrote that word. On my blog. In regards to one of my own children. Hayden has applied and been accepted. I’ll write soon about his plans and share his senior photos here. They turned out so amazing.
  • Church: FUN! We are really loving our ChapelNext community! This has been such a huge factor in making us finally feel settled here. Matt and I are leading our first session of Financial Peace University with a major change: we have the new 9-week course! So far we’re really liking it.
  • Germany: Stuttgart isn’t anything like Wiesbaden. It’s taking some serious getting used to. We’ve done some traveling in the past few months and bought pottery in Poland, seen concerts in MANY cities.
  • Public Transportation: We’ve never needed this on a regular basis before, but we are teaching the boys how to use it so they will be more independent. So far, Hayden has used it to get himself and a friend to a concert that Matt didn’t really want to go to. They did great and had a few misadventures along the way. I’ll have to get permission before I share them.
  • Reading: Oh my word. I’m reading so many good books that I’m bogged down. On top of that, I’ve listened to about 10 podcast episodes that each highlighted a new book I want to read. ACK. This is so hard because I want to read all the books but right now, all of my free time has me in a chemistry book or on Teaching Textbooks…
  • Halloween: No, we don’t “celebrate” halloween but we do dress up and give/get candy. And I think my kid won the prize for cutest ever, and she did it with a partner.
  • Cars: Oh, what stories. I’ll share later, but for now, if you happen to run across a Nissan NV3500 for sale, under $17,000 and would like to test drive it for me, just let me know. We’re hoping to buy one by the new year and have it shipped here in January. If it’s blue, I’ll give you a $25 Starbucks card. If it’s blue and has a back up camera, I’ll give you a $50 Starbucks card!
    UPDATE!  As it turned out, we ended up buying the one in the picture belowScreenshot 2018-11-04 09.05.20

I think that’s about what sums up my life at the moment. I have every intention of coming back to this to journal details about each of the above, not because you’re sitting there waiting for me to do so, but because this blog is our family journal, documenting our adventures and, sometimes, misadventures. I will regret not doing so.

In the meantime, today’s my birthday and I get to eat cake and have Frogmore stew with great friends that God provided. Friends who match our love for Christ, and both of them have big families with kids ranging from teens to tots. God knew who we’d need in our lives for this season. Now, if He’d just keep us all here in Germany until the exact same time…


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