Potty training: Part 5

I have made it abundantly clear that potty training is my least favorite part of parenting.

I just read through Parker’s potty training post… so precious! Now that Anna’s journey is largely complete, I can relax and enjoy the story she just wrote.

If you want to go back and see some adorable pictures of Parker when he was two and three years old, go read Potty training: Part 4, take 3.

Because homeschooling requires so much of my time I knew that I had to get Anna’s potty training done during the summer or wait until Christmas break. A few weeks ago on a Saturday morning Anna was sleeping late. As in, still asleep at 10:00. At 9:00 I was still thoroughly enjoying the quiet house, getting caught up on all the things I had been neglecting while pushing through planning for the next school year.  Suddenly, something in me realized that the time was upon us… it was now or much later. We had two weeks before school was to start and that meant I could give Anna my undivided attention. (Do you ever take your kids to get their vaccinations but don’t tell them what’s coming so they don’t have to spend time dreading it? I think I did that to myself… Part of me knew this was coming and the other part of me pretended not to notice.)

Let me just say. I’ve successfully potty trained four boys. They were not particularly difficult to potty train. Anna was quite easy and I’d say Anna had fewer accidents but was way more scared to poop than any of the boys were.

Here’s her amazing progress!

Saturday ~ Day 1:
Woke at 10:30 with totally soaked diaper, her last ever.

We were stocked up on M&Ms and ready for the experience.

By 12:15 Matt had texted to ask how the day had gone. At that point, she had had two accidents and zero successes. I was determined to give it at least a 12 hour shot.

First success was at 1:25 pm (Oh, we skipped nap so we could just practice pottying).
Second success was at 2:55 pm.
Third success at 3:35, and at this point she figured it out. She was pretty much able to make herself go any time she sat down!  BIG DEAL!

And she pooped before bed!


Sunday ~ Day 2:
3:30 am – she wet the bed but the amazing part is that she woke up… she noticed it.

Oh, tidbit here. Because we go cold-turkey on diapers of any sort, no pull-ups or anything, I prepare the bed in a special way. In order to speed night-time accident bedding-changes I have several layers of pee-sheets and sheets so I can simply remove the top two layers (the top sheet and the pee-sheet right under it) and put the sleepy kid back to bed. I wash the wet sheets the next day.

Back to the 3:30 wake-up. I was very encouraged by the fact that she woke up when she wet the bed.

Trying to encourage the poop… wrong fruit for that activity, I suppose.

7:00 am – woke up dry
She pottied before church, stayed dry during her first car-ride sans diaper, and I was her nursery teacher so I was able to take her potty often.
12:30 – wet panties at Food Court
Stayed dry on the way home
NOTE: By the second day she had gotten independent enough that she initiated all the potty breaks. If I put her on the potty when I wanted her to potty, she didn’t go. If she put herself there, she was able to.
2:15 – poopoo accident during nap.
Three more peepee successes before the end of Day 2!
I was very pleased and yet still not having a great deal of fun.

Monday ~ Day 3:
4:45 – woke her to potty, success (except she couldn’t go back to sleep so she slept on our floor the rest of the night)
7:30 – woke up dry!
Stayed dry at preschool!
Wet her panties during nap but woke up!
Half-accident in the afternoon – started in her panties but finished in the potty! She still got an M&M.
Didn’t poop today.

Tuesday ~ Day 4:
1:30 am – peed in the bed but woke herself up; was able to go back to bed!
6:45 am – woke up dry
7:00 am – peed before school
8:05 am – took herself to potty at school!
12:00 pm – pooped on the potty at school! (Bailey was there to pick her up; the teacher said, “Anna, brother is here to pick you up” and she got off the potty… she needed to be cleaned up but she had done her business where it was supposed to be done.
Stayed dry at nap!
Picnic at the park and we took her potty with us. Used it twice outside!

Wednesday ~ Day 5:
Woke up dry!
Ran errands (bowling alley, USO (pottied there), PX) and stayed dry!
Used her potty that we have set on a towel during her nap.
Hasn’t pooped in days.

Thursday ~ Day 6:
Woke up dry! Pottied at school.
We went to the creek and took potty; used it there.
FINALLY pooped in her potty. It freaked her out but she has to feel better!
10:45 pm – I went in to see if I could get her to potty before I went to bed and she did.

Friday ~ Day 7:|
She is now able to empty her bladder any time she’s put on the potty (if we’re heading out the door for a long trip she can make herself ‘go.’ I feel that’s a big corner to turn. It allows me to feel fairly confident that there won’t be any accidents on the drive between home and our destination.

I can confidently say that Anna got the idea in just a few days and was sufficiently trained within a week.

We traveled to Garmisch at three weeks into this journey and she was accident free the whole time.  I have been able to focus on school without having to worry about potty accidents.

We have been at this for almost a month and I trust her to tell me when she has to go, often forgetting to make her “try” before we leave the house.

The only thing that keeps me from saying she’s fully potty trained is that I can’t trust her in the bathroom alone!  If I do, she’ll use all the soap, gallons of water, and may or may not put toys or other non-flushables in the toilet.  We still have to move the gate to let her in and we have to keep an eye on her while in there… but that’s just because she’s a curious toddler!

We’re very proud of her and know that we are blessed that our potty training journeys, all five of them, have been fairly uneventful.










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  1. Jean Hyatt says:

    Grandaddy & I are very proud of Anna and how a good Mom you are Jenny. We are Proud of your training of Anna & all your Children! We Love Y’all!

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