Summer 2018

This post is all over the place: from school to creeks to pools to commissary shopping with a toddler. It features our summer, up to this point.

Teacher workdays:

As soon as our guests left I got to work on planning the next school year.

I spent a few days camped out at the kitchen table and soon realized that I’d need to transition to a space I could leave my work in progress and shut the door, protecting it from the curious hands of our toddler.

We also needed our kitchen table back for meals.

I had Matt set up a table in the office, where the beds had been placed and I spent exactly two weeks working. The first week was spent converting a writing curriculum from a class-or-co-op plan to one that will work for a family. The second was compiling and filing all of this year’s completed work and writing lesson plans for next year.

I use Homeschool Planet for our lesson plans by inserting the information on the Sonlight guides. I only have to do this once and they’re ready for each child who uses that “core.” I now have all the cores inserted and can just “apply” them as the younger kids come along.


Two things to note in this picture: See my family tree on the wall!?! I love it! I can’t wait to get all the pictures in the frames! And the second is, Anna is dancing to the music on the TV. She just happens to be hidden behind my flowers.



Pool time:


Our first cook-out:

Parker’s buddy, Tate, joined us. Anna loves him to death and has to sit right beside him any time he’s over.


Commissary Shopping:

This is never a dull experience with Anna driving the cart.


Creek time:

This is the perfect past-time for our family. It takes about 15 minutes to walk there, the kids play hard, and are good-and-tired when we get home.


We have plans to start our school year 6 August because grandparents are coming to visit in September!  Fun times ahead!

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2 Responses to Summer 2018

  1. sheriprescott says:

    That creek!! And oh that sweet commissary shopper!

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