Independence Day, 2018

We’ve never had a real tradition for the Fourth… we just sort of see what comes up and do that.

In Texas we celebrated Independence day in five different places: in our temporary apartment in 2013, just weeks away from the end of a deployment in 2014 (but for the life of me I can’t remember where), with the Williamses {I think} in the parking lot of CTC in 2015, just us with Anna-banana on a hill near the new PX  in 2016, and finally, with the Easteses+more in their neighborhood in 2017.

I just spent an hour trying to figure out where the boys and I were in 2014 and I can find no record of our activities.

Apparently I have a history with taking few photos on this date and if I do take them, they’re blurry. I’ll need to do better about that. The first few pictures are from the day after – I bought Anna her own sand toys and took pictures of her in her 4th of July outfit… because by the time I took pictures of her on the Fourth, she had drenched this outfit and was wearing whatever mismatched ill-fitting items were in her diaper bag.


This may be my favorite picture of Anna I’ve ever taken. It suits her perfectly… I call it Warrior Princess._JEN3624_JEN3637_JEN3673

The day was spent eating with new friends at their home and the we headed to Patch for the fireworks.  They were fantastic and I assume we’ll go again next year, considering our options are very slim in Germany.


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