First Guests to Stuttgart… Pt. 4

Farewell for now…

Stephanie and Hannah checked off and signed our Travel check list…


Airport drop-off-farewells are the worst. Anna was already crying…IMG_3101


On the way to the airport I pointed out the neat fields you see all over Germany. You can pick your own flowers (or fruit, depending on the field) and pay on the honor system. On the way home I stopped by the field I had shown Stephanie and spent a few minutes crying while picking flowers. This military life is hard. When you thank a family for their service, this is what you’re thanking them for. Not just time away from their service-member or families of origin, but repeated, painful separations from the people who become family along the way.

All of a sudden the room that was ready for guests was empty. I spent my first hour back home in here on the couch just reliving the fun moments, wishing the visit didn’t have to come to an end. Hayden and I sat there and chatted, and then I got to work putting the house back in order. He stayed in this room the entire day…


This trip was wonderful from start to finish. We are thankful for the opportunity and for the time we were given. The kids were already planning the next visit before we dropped Stephanie and Hannah off… and they’ve started saving their money for that visit.
(If I used emojis on my blog, I’d insert a heart-emoji right here.)

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1 Response to First Guests to Stuttgart… Pt. 4

  1. sheriprescott says:

    Oh all these fantastic pictures and your words, Jennifer. Beautiful. Such special, special adventures together! Truly a gift from the Lord! (And I LOVE your travel wall.)

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