First Guests to Stuttgart… Pt. 3

After Paris we came home and rested for a few days. Some of the activities and pictures featured in Part 1 were from the down-days between Paris and our trip to Garmisch.

Our bigs have very fond memories of Garmisch and wanted to take Stephanie and Hannah there. It just so happened that Matt had a conference at Garmisch that week, so we planned our trip to coincide with his.

One of our very first activities was to check out the new pool. (This post features Parker at the older pool when he was just a little younger than Anna.)

Our dear Fort Hood friends, the Wests, were attending the same conference as Matt, so we had dinner with them. How fun it was to offer not only a beautiful setting, but time for Stephanie and Loren to reconnect.  The teens played cards and watched movies together. It was a great time of connecting.


And it is always adorable to watch little Nico with Anna!IMG_3008IMG_3010

One just a few of us took a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle. We weren’t able to get tickets to go inside (I should have ordered them several weeks in advance) but we enjoyed a horse-drawn carriage-ride up the mountain and then a harrowing bus-ride back down.

Anna’s reaction to the castle was, “My ballerina castle! That’s my ballet!”



I think Hannah took this picture. (I know I did not.) f80ab8ef-f774-45fd-be6b-51228c1d94d3Someone was tired from all that being-carried-around all day.3cb59e17-6a8c-4840-9aa3-8423239f474e

The Hamrick family has missed Mexican food and so we decided to give it a shot: not a good idea. I do not recommend the Mexican restaurant in town (purely based on the food). It wasn’t horrible, but it didn’t hit the spot and was overpriced.

However, our waiter noticed Anna eyeballing the ‘pink drink’ on the menu so he brought her a special one. Her reaction was priceless:

He ended up bringing her a second… she had more sugar that night than she’s ever had before… this waiter is most definitely not a parent, or he would have known what was in store for me. Here is Anna at bedtime… decidedly not tired:


That night we were able to watch the soccer game… it was a BEAUTIFUL win for Germany!  Anna was finally asleep by then so Stephanie and I screamed in whispers!


Our last adventure was supposed to be a Sound of Music bike tour in Salzburg. I had reserved child care for Anna for the day so that we could fit in one car. We woke up to a steady rain and decided to stay in and just relax. I kept Anna’s reservation so she could play with other littles and participate in activities designed for two-year-olds. (Hotels are not made for two-year-olds.) Anna made an impression on the CYS staff: when I picked her up the manager was walking through the hallway and said, “Bye, Anna! Have a fun day!” And then she looked at me and said, “That vocabulary, though…” Yes, indeed. Anna has the vocabulary of five year old at times!

This day was bitter sweet. We all started to feel the end of the trip approaching so we played games, talked, ate, and drank coffee, soaking in as much togetherness as we could.

Hayden got this gorgeous photo of Hannah and Anna:


Leaving Garmisch was very hard. None of us wanted to.IMG_3052IMG_3041IMG_3045IMG_3072IMG_3076IMG_3081

Stay tuned for the last part in this series.

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2 Responses to First Guests to Stuttgart… Pt. 3

  1. Sybil Kee says:

    These are wonderful. Such a beautiful place. Looking forward to the next part. Love you all!!!

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