I can’t sing but I can write.

God’s timing is impeccable.

I was asked to submit an article to Sonlight months ago and I asked for grace until March. They were kind enough to understand the International PCS I was facing and allowed me to submit in March.

After I finished watching The Greatest Showman and spending some time teaching Matt the ASL letters which correspond to our kids’ names, I checked my email. I received an email from the editor letting me know that my article is live on their site!

While I’ve had one voice taken from me temporarily another was shared with the world.

How great is our God.  Just a sweet reminder that He is in control… and what an honor to have a company I so admire take my words and share them with their readers.

I do hope my editors (Aimee, Mom?) are watching my back because I’m about to post this!


Click here to go see the article.

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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4 Responses to I can’t sing but I can write.

  1. sheriprescott says:

    Loved reading your article!!

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