Celebrating Anna’s 2nd birthday, take two…

When we brought Anna home all of our friends fell in love with her. One of those families cared for her when Matt and I went on our first date without her… that’s always a big step for me: leaving the baby for the first time. This also happens to be the family with one of Parker’s all-time-BFFs, Matías.

We loved watching others love our girl.

Our hearts ached when this precious family moved to Germany just a month before Anna’s first birthday. When we found out we were moving to Germany just before Anna’s second birthday I devised a plan. Since Anna was going to have to celebrate without the dozens of families at Fort Hood and our family in NC, we’d make it a point to celebrate with the Wests once we got settled a bit.

In fact, I mailed a box to them with pink party supplies and a few presents from us to Anna, and Loren took care of the rest. She even went out of her way to find the perfect cake and gift! I would have been perfectly fine with a set of homemake cupcakes but the love and care the entire family (even Jason!) took to put on a perfect birthday party touched my heart!! Not to mention, we got to eat Loren’s homemade food!  She’s an incredible cook!

Singing Happy Birthday – I love Anna’s clap at the end!




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4 Responses to Celebrating Anna’s 2nd birthday, take two…

  1. Camie says:

    How sweet to have such wonderful friends! Anna has a beautiful smile. Too precious!

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