Moving Day (Panzer to Kelley)

Today is a big day… it’s moving day! (We will sleep in the hotel one more night and officially live there starting Friday, but today we take all of our stuff over to our house and receive more loaner furniture.)
We trade one blessing (the comfort and convenience of hotel life) for another (our own space and amazing neighbors).
This is very exciting! We are blessed in that we only stayed in the hotel just shy of one month (29 days). Many people had much longer stays. We will have our own laundry room again and spaces to spread out and have some alone-time! The maintenance crew here noticed that I missed my alone-time yesterday and commented on it! I usually sneak out of the room very early and go to the sitting area on the 4th floor but yesterday I didn’t… they noticed! Our new neighbors are amazing and I found out I’m friends with the SIL of one already! SMALL WORLD! The Commissary where we’re living is a full one rather than the glorified shoppette, for which I’m very thankful, we have here on Panzer.
This move is nerve-wracking in ways: I now have to start buying breakfast foods again; no more housekeeping service; the loaner mattresses are paper thin; Matt will have to start commuting more than 600 feet; the house is basically empty and echoes. (Non-stop noise of five kids with nothing to absorb it.) We don’t have our baby gates yet. We don’t have pillows yet (though a neighbor is loaning us sheets and pillows). I know what to do to keep Anna entertained in the hotel… not sure about what it will look like there. Fortunately I have big kids to help but I do hope that we are able to get our HHGs soon. Shouldn’t be more than 3 weeks… (In the meantime I think I’m going to convert one of the bedrooms to be the living room so that the noise is contained to one carpeted room.)
Matt’s current commute: 633 feet. Screenshot 2018-01-25 05.48.01
In spite of the challenges that come along with camping in a house for an unspecified amount of time with five kids while homeschooling four of them, I am so excited I woke up ready to go at 4:30 am!
(You know what happens when someone is walking when you take a Pano? They look pretty creepy… so, Carson, you’re welcome!  I edited you out! Think anyone will notice?)
With all this extra time on my hands I decided I’d catch up on a bit of email/FB notes etc., write this Facebook-update-that-turned-into-a-blog-post, and then start my new PWOC Bible Study, which is going to be amazing. (Seamless, by Angie Smith.)
I think this watch face is fitting for this morning as I face a new set of challenges.
(Though your prayers are welcomed… pray that I can be a patient mom today!)

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