Fort Polk to Montgomery, AL

Yesterday we woke up on soggy Fort Polk and drove over to the Adamses to pick up our U-haul.  (It’s too complicated to get on post with a trailer so they were kind enough to let us park it there overnight.) We got fun pictures of the kids together before heading out.



We put in a movie and when it was over, listened to four or five of Mike Rowe’s “The Way I Heard It” podcast episodes.  Each person gets to pick a restaurant along the drive and one of them picked McDonald’s.  Of course. Once back on the road we put in another movie, then listened to a few episodes of Mike Rowe’s podcast again.

I had set aside several DVDs that I wanted our family to watch.  Movies for educational or spiritual development. When I went to pull them out they weren’t where I thought they were. I had had high hopes of getting in a few very valuable lessons along the drive and I’m going to scour podcasts in a few minutes to find a few other mind/heart-enriching topics to pour into the family.

We crossed from Louisiana into Mississippi, and then into Alabama.

When we were about 100 miles away from Montgomery we decided that we were pretty sure we could make it that far, and, while Matt drove, I contacted IHG hotel customer service and had them help me select a location. I wanted to be near-ish to the Civil Rights Memorial so that today we could drive by there and see a few important sites before we hit the road. Their closest hotel had availability but none of the 2-Bedroom suites. We backed out five miles and found one.  Our family fits very well in this kind of suite and it costs about the same as renting two different rooms.

As of now we are all healthy and feeling okay.  Tempers are slightly on edge and it doesn’t take much for one of the brothers to set another one off, and while I’m trying to keep things as pleasant as can be, I have to keep in mind what they were just asked to do. I was never asked to leave my home, church, and best friend. When speaking to a friend, my high-school best friend’s mom, I told her that I can’t fully understand what my kids are going through. I didn’t have to leave my best friend behind, and when I did leave home for college, my best friend went with me. (Her daughter and I were college room mates our freshman year.) Add to that, I went to college to be near Matt!  I was leaving by choice and getting to start a new chapter with my best friend and boyfriend. My parents were an hour away and were staying in the area where I had been raised. While I don’t like to hear the boys snip at one another, I also never had to ride in a vehicle quite this packed with people.  I grew up in a family of four. In the back row of our van, the three people literally touch. There’s no space between them.

I keep wondering when God is going to bless us with a 12 passenger van… You know those moms who say, “I’ll never drive a minivan!!” and then, after a kid or two, they start to long for that minivan?  I was that mom and I got one as soon as I had my second kid.  I was also that mom who looked at church busses like they were uncool. Now I look at them and dream of the comfort one of those could provide to my family as we travel.  And the fun it could provide, being able to tote around friends AND family… I can dream. (And I find it funny that my dream has become a church van!!)  If I get one, my rear window will have a “Socialization Shuttle” vinyl!

Our schedule is non-stop starting this evening. We are going to be soaking up all the family we can get, going back and forth between both grandparents’ houses. Because this is an overseas move and we won’t be back for a while, we aren’t branching out beyond family, which really stinks, but there just aren’t enough days between now and the day we fly.  (9 days from now, by the way.)

I must get back to the room and prepare for the day. So far, I’m waking up before my alarm clock ready for the day. (There’s a reason for that that I’ll share on the blog one day, but I’m not quite ready. That’s a tease for a future series, but I am just not quite ready to share.)  Being up before my alarm, awake and alert and ready for the day has been incredibly helpful this PCS-season!

(Not much time to proof-read. If you see a typo, let me know!! I can fix it during Matt’s turn behind the wheel!)



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2 Responses to Fort Polk to Montgomery, AL

  1. Maria Currey says:

    More tears! Praying that this adventure will be indelibly imprinted on your beloveds’ hearts and minds in ways far-greater than “staying.” Praying the going will be good and the friendships they form – with each other and with new awaiting friends – the very best!
    Praying that every second of soaking in family will be sweet and joyful!!

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