This is not going to be an exhaustive farewell-to-Fort-Hood Post simply because I don’t have time.  In fact, we originally planned to be pulling away from here at this precise moment (6:45 am) but yesterday went nothing as planned and we got absolutely NO luggage-preparations done for our trip.  That combined with a late night and we were exhausted.  I woke up energetic and before my alarm and have put the laundry in the dryer, gotten coffee, and decided which photos to include in this post while the other members of the Hamrick family are still snoozing.

I couldn’t leave here without giving God the glory one more time for taking something I truly didn’t want and turning it into something beautiful and something I’ll always treasure.  I wrote something about putting on my big girl panties and dealing with it just after we found out that we were moving to Fort Hood, and a couple of weeks later I wrote that I was, indeed, warming up to the idea.

God has truly made this place special and precious to me and while I never did adjust to the heat, the lack of color or trees, the lack of a fall season, or the fairly-boring location (Killeen), my heart has learned a valuable lesson in trusting that God knows what’s best for us.

If I had more time I’d begin to list the ways God has blessed us by His decision to send us here but I am EAGER to get on the road, but not because I’m ready to see Texas in my rearview mirror, but because tonight we do get to see some friends we made while here in Texas… another one of those treasures God granted to us as a result of being here.

I am not so eager to say our last farewells to the Easteses… Not. Happy. About. That.  Very glad we have all the other last-farewells behind us because those are simply not fun.

Here are just a few pictures, some from last night of Matt’s graduation.

Good-bye, 8055 Starz Loop!  You were the exact home with the exact neighbors God knew we’d need over the years.

img_4878img_4877Good bye, Anna’s very first home!img_4880Want to know the mark of true friendship?  When a family will attend your graduation at 7:00 PM – those things aren’t really that fun!  I was able to get almost all of both families in the picture.  Almost.

He did it!  Masters Degree #2 in the books: 4.0 GPA and Distinguished Graduate!

img_4967This was the best of four pictures a random person took for us and it was the only one with her finger in the shot!  img_4973

Your prayers are coveted today as we face the reality that we’re leaving a place that has become home. Friends who have become family. A house that is the only one Parker remembers and that Anna’s ever known.

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