1st Cavalry Division – Change of Command with Cavalry Charge

I had no intention of writing a blog post today but I got a bit sentimental earlier at the Change of Command so here I am.

I took four my kids and my neighbor’s two boys (with the help of a friend… my van doesn’t have enough seats!) to this event today, knowing it will be our last opportunity to attend one of these here at Fort Hood. The ceremony was held at Cooper Field, where Matt’s welcome home (from Afghanistan) was held.

As a Chaplain Family we get the unique opportunity to move around to different kinds of units.  Matt has been the Chaplain for a Basic Training battalion, a Cavalry Squadron that had Bradleys, a Military Intelligence battalion (Arial Exploitation), an Attack Recoinisance Battalion, and Division Artillery.  Cavalry blood runs thick and with three of his assignments Cav (including both of his deployments), we will always have a very special place in our hearts for the Cavalry.

Yesterday I was thrilled to watch flyovers of apaches and today, while I was getting ready for the Change of Command ceremony, it hit me that the apaches were probably practicing for the event.  Sure enough, one of my friends responded to my video on Facebook saying that her husband was on the radio directing them yesterday!  I ran into him at the ceremony and told him what a treat it was to watch the flyovers yesterday. (Video at the bottom of the page.)

The kids and I arrived at the field and found our spots. (Carson, Bailey, and Parker in the stands, me and the three littles off to the right-hand side near the horse detachment.)

I’m sure the ceremony was great, though I couldn’t hear all of it. I’m sure the people who were being hailed and farewelled would have much more to say about the ceremony itself, but to be honest, the kids and I were mostly there for the charge.

Near the end of the song the band led the audience in the Cavalry Song and then the Army Song. Last year we those songs every morning for a semester before we started our school day. Their knowledge of these two very important songs came in handy today and they mentioned this to me when we got home. (I felt that was a Army-mom win!)

When it was time for the Cavalry charge I videoed but did my best to watch with my own eyes so that I could enjoy it directly AND have video for later.

I literally teared up as the apaches flew over. My heart will be sad to leave here for many reasons, and seeing these apaches fly over all the time is one of them.

To make the whole event more emotional a friend whom I thought had already deployed walked up behind us and we got to chat a little. It was nice to be know we hadn’t lost our opportunity to say goodbye before he deploys and we PCS.

This picture is incredible and I share with permission from the 1st Cavalry Division PAO.22215367_10155910955699674_1863132688_n

So without further delay, here is the video of the charge.

This is the field where Matt’s welcome home (from Afghanistan) was held.

Apache Flyover 10-2-2017 from jennifer Hamrick on Vimeo.

Here is another video shot by a friend and it shows a different angle and in this one, you can hear the music.

And another video by another friend:

Carr Version of Cavalry Charge from jennifer Hamrick on Vimeo.


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2 Responses to 1st Cavalry Division – Change of Command with Cavalry Charge

  1. Maria Currey says:

    Beautiful!! Such a movingly rich heritage!
    Thank you for capturing it, Jennifer!!

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