School’s in Session: 11th Grade

Hayden – 11th Grade:

Chemistry – neither of us are a fan.  We are glad he has a few friends to go through this experience with to make it less ugh. Call me a horrible homeschool mom for saying that we don’t like it. I don’t care.  It’s the truth.
Algebra 2 – I think I like this more than he does, but he’s doing fine at it.  Nothing to speak of other than the fact that I would encourage all homeschooling moms to make sure their kiddos get a good, solid understanding of Algebra because there is a LOT of it on the SAT.
Writing Class in Copperas Cove – This is an intense level of work but I am enjoying seeing what he is doing.  I like that he has a teacher other than me and that he gets his work done without nagging from me.
SAT Prep – He and I have spent a few months working on this and we are both still completely confounded by some of the stupid questions that are on there.  We’ll do a section (out of the official SAT guide) and both get 96% right and then the next day we’ll both crash and only know how to do 5 problems of the 20.  As an educator, I don’t see how this is a very good indicator of my son’s ability to do well in college or in life-beyond.  And yet, it’s a hoop we know he must jump through.
History and Literature – So much reading but good stuff.  This semester Hayden is doing Government and Civics and, honestly, it’s not his favorite type of reading.  He knows its beneficial and important for all Americans to study, but he is not enamored by the topic.  Hayden is currently reading “The Chosen” and he said it’s really interesting. It’s getting “theological” toward the end, and I will be listening to this on audio starting this week.  That’s the only way I can even attempt to keep up with what the boys are reading.
P.E. – Skateboarding.  Hayden has been mastering some difficult maneuvers at the park. I need to get out there and video a little!
German – All three of the bigs are doing Rosetta Stone – German.  We’ve done RS before with Spanish and never had much luck.  It’s a great program that works beautifully, and I assign all fault to the users, especially to the teacher of the users for not setting proper expectations or following up on the given expectations.  This year, however, all involved are doing well.  I’ve set my expectations to be just bit higher than would be “easy” for each individual student.  I’ve let my expectations be VERY clear.  And, what I believe is making this year successful, I’m checking their work every other day or so. Basically, I’m doing my part to keep them on track.  I’m very pleased so far!
Speech – The older three are also taking a Speech class training them in Public Speaking.  Stephanie is teaching this and I LOVE seeing the boys up their presentation skills.
Foundations in Personal Finance – Hayden and Carson are taking this in the co-op we’re a part of.  Good stuff, but a LOT of work!



With this being Hayden’s 11th grade year, I’m feeling all sorts of nostalgic.  I know we’re reaching the end of his time as a homeschooling kid.  I had absolutely no idea that we would homeschool throughout his entire career.  It was supposed to only be his kindergarten year due to a PCS mid-year.  It has been an absolute joy… and his upcoming graduation excites me on some levels because it will mean he’s stepping into the pages of his life that HE gets to write, but the thought of him not being here with us hurts more than I can even express.  And because of that, I’ll move on and write about another kid.  But it’ll post tomorrow.  See you then!


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2 Responses to School’s in Session: 11th Grade

  1. Judy Gloy says:

    Well, ya have me in tears. Oh how I KNOW the feeling when you realize that your child is reaching “that age”… and the reality of it is hitting you in the face. Talk about MIXED MOTIONS! Bless his heart. I can’t believe he’s that old and mature, either! But I can guarantee 5 things! Hayden, Carson, Bailey, Parker and Anna will be “ALL RIGHT, FIRM IN THEIR BELIEFS, STEADFAST IN WHATEVER THEY DO”, all because of their beautiful, wonderful, loving parents! Love you all. ❤

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