School’s in Session

That’s what’s been going on around here.  School.  And a lot of it.

Today we started the 8th week of this school year and it has absolutely flown by.  I’m amazed that we’re already at this point!

We head out of Killeen in less than 3 months, off to our next adventure.  The emotions tied into that are not 100% positive, I’ll admit.  Figuring out how to get as much school done before we pack everything up presents a challenge but one we’ll manage, I suppose.

As a homeschool mom who was a teacher by profession, I find it hard to let go of our schedule at times to do fun things… you know, the fun things that homeschoolers get do to “because they homeschool?” I’ve been making a concerted effort to institute “because we homeschool” days into our weeks. On “eclipse” day we made the one-hour drive to Krispy Kreme and bought their special chocolate glazed donuts.



On the day Krispy Kreme released Pumpkin Spice Glazed donuts, we loaded up the van and went with another family to Cedar Park (1 hour away, I remind you) and enjoyed the delectable treats.


We have a few more “because we homeschool” days planned, to include a pumpkin patch or two. I need to remind myself that these days are rapidly flying by and I want my kids to look back on their homeschool years and remember that we did fun things that others couldn’t do… I want to take advantage of our freedom.

Random fact about our homeschool:
It is often said that homeschoolers have the luxury of sleeping in as late as they want.  I would agree… This is very true.  Unless they have a mom who wakes them at 6:15 and says, “Eat breakfast and then either start school or go get some exercise.”  My bigs have a mom who wakes them early.  This is a relatively new change to our homeschool that has developed out of necessity.  Our best working hours are in the morning and with the amount of school work that high school is, we need to get an early start in order to finish by a decent hour.  I once heard a homeschool guru encourage a group of homeschooling moms to find that ONE thing they can’t live without; the ONE thing that makes them feel like they’ve done right by their kids when they get that done, and plan their day around that. For me it is reading aloud to all of my kids.  I want to read to them, regardless of their age.  I want to read something that all of them can learn and benefit from.  I wake my littles at 7:30 and we start our “read-aloud” time at 8:00.  For the next 30 minutes we spend our time together.  Last year we read a dozen books on black history, books that are not often found on public school reading lists.  This year I’ve been mixing it up a bit and I just finished reading, “The House at Pooh Corner.”  A.A. Milne has a beautiful, descriptive way of writing.  If you don’t know what I mean, click here to read the chapter titled, “In Which Piglet Does a Very Grand Thing,” and pay close attention to the paragraph in which Milne describes the tree tipping over.  I think I read that aloud to the kids 3-4 times so they could soak in the author’s style.

Over the next five weekdays I’ll share a bit about each of our kiddos and what their school days are like at the moment.  It started out in one post but when it hit 2500 words I decided to break it up!  Have a great week and we’ll see you tomorrow!




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3 Responses to School’s in Session

  1. Judy Gloy says:

    Just read this. You don’t know what a “happy lift” it gave to my heart. It’s just what I needed to hear. Oh how I love your sweet, precious, loving family! So so precious. And, love the bigs and the littles. Absolutely beyond description of love… Love you all. Judy ❤

  2. koroknblooms says:

    Hi Jennifer! Read your homeschooling day…wish I could turn the clock and homeschool my kids who are now grown-up… Like your idea of reading to the kids every single day… I now have a small children’s library and we read aloud to children too… please keep sharing what your kids love listening. All the best and lots of love, Indu

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