NC – Summer 2017 (Part 2)

After a few days reprieve from the car the kids and I loaded up once more and headed to Belmont to visit with Matt’s side of the family.  We were particularly excited about this part of our trip as we were to meet our newest family member!  Brad (Matt’s brother) and Erin have been together since Bailey was a baby and have recently added their own little boy to our crew.  Lincoln is such a beautiful baby with a calm demeanor.  (And he is SUPER cute!)  We wanted to get to NC to meet him when he was first born but school commitments got in the way.  This introduction was long overdue!

We were happy to get to visit with one set of Matt’s aunts and uncles for dinner, Gail and Jr..  We really appreciated them coming to spend some time with us!  Grammy had prepared a delicious dinner of BBQ and fixin’s.

Brad and Erin had a surprise for us…. they had taken the next day off to spend it with us!  Military families – you know…  You know what a big deal this is.  I only hope that Brad and Erin know how much we appreciate it!  An additional surprise Erin had in store for Grammy was that she had hired a photographer to come to the house to get pictures of Grammy and all her grandchildren.


Brad and I took all the big kids to see Despicable Me 3 while Grammy and Erin kept the littles at home.  Grammy had the best bubble blower I’ve ever seen – Anna really enjoyed that!

The boys had fun throwing a football and generally spending down-time with Grammy.  (Oh, and eating snacks that she can be counted on to purchase!)

Anna slept like a pro in her pack-n-play even though she had learned how to get out of it. If you tire her out enough she’s happy to go to sleep for nap and bedtime!  We look forward to our next visit with Grammy, Brad, Erin, and Lincoln in December!

The third part of this series will be coming soon and will include our visit with Mama Kim, beach time, and quite possibly the events of our absolutely unbelievable journey home.  (We have met Murphy and we are pretty sure we never want to again.)

In case I don’t get around to it soon, I will state that we are starting our 2017-2018 school year today!  I can’t believe I have an 11th grader! I also can’t believe that I am close to being able to say I homeschooled a kid all the way through K-12!  I NEVER planned on that and remember thinking it was one of the most daunting tasks ever.  I have loved every single year of it!!

Hayden – 11th – Sonlight Core 400
Carson – 9th – Sonlight Core 200
Bailey – 8th – Sonlight Core 100 (second half)
Parker – 2nd – Sonlight Core B
Anna – 18 months – play time!!

Here are more pictures from the photo shoot!

Happy Monday!

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