Help Grow the Adams Family!!

Moms, I bet you’ve met another mom about whom you thought:  “I wish I were as kind as she is.”  Or patient.  Or friendly.  Or gentle.  Pick your adjective.

I have met several of those but I happened to be neighbors with one who matched all of the above all the time.  She, even when tired, even in the middle of a deployment, even when her house was the filled to the brim with neighborhood kids, was kind, patient, friendly, and gentle.  Sometimes you meet people like this and you are positive it’s a facade.  In the case of Breanna Adams, I can assure you, she is all of those things and more.

_JEN8348The best way I can put it is that she is genuine.

This post isn’t just about Breanna, although I relate to her most because we both love our jobs as mom and enjoy homeschooling our kids.  The whole family is precious and I can not begin to tell you how excited I am that they are in the process of adopting a child.

Their marriage is first under God, their kids are next, and their ministry is after these things.  They are a strong family and any child welcomed into their home will be entering a warm, loving, and secure environment.  They love deeply…


Screenshot 2017-07-09 08.57.55

Breanna and I have talked about the fact that their family has always dreamed of adopting someday and I watched them rejoice with our family as we walked through our own adoption adventure.  They supported us in numerous ways – the most special way included prayer as we were in the first stages when things could change in an instant. They prayed for Mama Kim to have peace in her choice to place Anna in our home and those prayers have been answered.  They prayed for Anna to bond instantly with our whole family and she has a unique and rich relationship with each one of us.

They even prayed with us when we knew we wanted to adopt but didn’t think it was possible and the grief was overwhelming.  Let me back up a bit and tell you a very short story from our adoption journey:

In August of 2015 Matt came to me and told me that he felt it was time for us to pursue adoption.  We told the kids about it over dinner at Rosa’s Cafe, called the grandparents to let them know that we were going to start looking into it,  but had told the kids we’d keep this quiet during the first part of our journey.  As we were pulling into the neighborhood our sweet little 5 year old said, “Mommy, will you forgive me if I accidentally tell Samuel?”  I knew we never had a chance of keeping it secret so we quickly went around the neighborhood and told our friends the news – and they rejoiced with us!  A short week later our hearts were broken when the research told us it was not possible to go the normal routes.  I walked down to tell Breanna, and our friend, Heather, happened to be there, too.  I sat on a bench in Breanna’s back yard and I wept.  I wept for the daughter I longed for but could see no way to have.  And my friends grieved with me.  People who sit with you in your grief are treasures on earth!

Of course, you know the end of the story and that just a few months later Matt and I got at text about Mama Kim and the adventure really began.

The night before the boys and I drove to the east coast Breanna, Heather F., Heather W., and their families gathered in our living room and prayed over us, Mama Kim, Anna, our journey… all of it.  And they were waiting on us to return home with our princess so they could squish her!




Over the past 17 months they have enjoyed watching Anna grow… and their hearts have been drawn more and more to adopt.  Just a few weeks after moving from Fort Hood to another duty station, they announced that they are in a rush adoption situation and that they are in need of raising funds as quickly as possible… sounds very similar to our own situation. Our friends, family, and even compete strangers helped us raise $10,000 in just a few months and I am so excited that the Adams’ fundraiser has been going amazingly well.  In just the first few hours they reached the halfway point of their goal.

I would love for you to click HERE to go to their YouCaring website and read their story.  Share from there and consider donating.  They set their goal at $10,000 and that is great.  Ours ended up being $13,000 so if you see the goal has been reached, don’t hesitate to give anyway.

I am so very excited for our friends to welcome this new one into their family.  It is so very exciting and I’m just sad that we aren’t neighbors during this particular part of their journey.


12998474_10209610053836792_7929574627930270193_nHere’s the bench!  I sat on this bench and told them we were going to adopt… then sat on this bench and wept while I was grieving.  And this picture fills me with a joy immeasurable!  I can’t wait for the Adams Family to have this joy!

IMG_7313Parker and his buddy, Samuel.  IMG_4929

Peter, Breanna, and kids, we are so excited for you!  We can’t wait to meet the newest Adams and we pray that your journey is as smooth as ours.  Thank you for being such great friends and for encouraging us along the way.  Blessings!!

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