Camp Eagle ~ Summer 2017

I’ve shared before about my favorite place in Texas, Camp Eagle.  It’s a Christian Adventure Camp that has stolen all of the Hamrick’s hearts.

This summer my three oldest had the opportunity to go serve the staffers for a week and then stay on for another week as campers.

My boys each came home with stories and a few bug bites!

The first week they washed dishes, cleaned the dining room, and cleared trails:

18922046_10155175408975726_6646730673674629286_n18951416_10155188201570726_7934807297079906941_n19030231_10155188201560726_362253603598314321_n18951450_10155188201555726_372820806606539943_n19388477_10154525194347093_3877847052695931201_o19030515_10155190341950726_1421662858531839613_n18951495_10155190341915726_2007895911318166448_n18952904_10155190341730726_4239981885342334536_nUnexpected free time during the first week.18952607_10155180608405726_3575381315469472647_n18952582_10155178588065726_1913741078216068937_n18951324_10155180608525726_2205234190797216110_n18922577_10154497543392093_492172977018924483_o19092865_10155200113275726_6163407519174526431_oGaga Ball!19248002_10155215700785726_860818108929979765_nBailey and the middle schoolers doing a team-building activity.

19225305_10155215469980726_5845731748083062654_n19225808_10155215470165726_95244964293513031_n19225126_10155215470180726_2008254708210532571_nAirborne Bunny!19260482_10155215451040726_857062219043009057_n19248040_10155215459845726_3485580891491526704_nI LOVE this picture!19247566_10155215460270726_6962673752438055863_n

While all three boys told me the second week (the week they were campers) was great, they unanimously said that the first week was their favorite.  They were serving and serving hard.  Exhausting work.  Hayden wants to go back for a three week serving session this summer but our summer is already almost over.  We don’t have three weeks left for him to go.  (We will be starting school pretty early to be able to finish in time for an overseas move.)

We’re telling him to prepare now in case he wants to buy a plane ticket to serve next summer.  Camp Eagle has stolen our hearts.

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