That’s a Wrap!

It is with much celebration that we say farewell to the 2016-2017 school year.  It was a good year even if it was marked with new challenges.

These challenges include:

  • homeschooling with a mobile baby
  • homeschooling four different grades
  • homeschooling with dyslexia
  • geometry
  • biology
  • high school level work and its increased hours

This year was great for the following reasons:

  • having a mobile baby
  • homeschooling four different grades
  • homeschooling with dyslexia (Brilliance is being dyslexic and still being on or above grade level in all subjects)
  • geometry (I got to spend many hours with this student and I loved almost every-single-one of them)
  • biology LABS that were taught by another mom!
  • high school level work that stretched my student and that I enjoyed as much (or more) than he did

Last year we had an official last day of school and we celebrated with donuts for breakfast and streamers.  (I’m more of an mom than a crafty mom.)

This year we skidded to a stop just two days before the boys left for camp (which they did just a few hours ago).

A few had Math to finish up so they spent the last week and a half doing 3 lessons a day but THEY DID IT!  They each finished with an A and we can put this year in the books.

I am excited about it but more excited that I can start planning next year!

We celebrated on Saturday evening when they finished (just after 8:00 pm) with half-off Sonic milkshakes!



Here are some pictures to commemorate our last day of 10th, 8th, 7th, and 1st grades.


As I said, the bigs left for camp a few hours ago and I’m not even thinking about the fact that I’ll miss them dreadfully.  Nope.  I have other things to think about:  like packing for my overdue visit with Aimee and Miss Kayla!!  I get to introduced both of them to our little princess!

I didn’t take enough pictures this morning but I did snap one of some of the leaders and Hayden getting last minute instructions – the rest of the kids were already loaded in the vehicles.  And of course, one shot of our sweetie!


Enjoy your summer break!  It’s HERE!!

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