The Hamricks get culture…

As a kid in public school I immensely enjoyed field trips.  Some of my favorites included trips to Ovens Auditorium for orchestra concerts or other performances.  I vividly remember watching Peter Pan fly over my head during one of those field trips.

Being homeschooled, my kids get an even greater variety of field trips.  Since we moved to Texas the wow-factor of the trips has decreased… while in Europe they saw such things as the Eiffel Tower, Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, Michaelangelo’s David and the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

While those are amazing, the sites we’ve seen in Texas have directly impacted the course of our own country.  We’ve seen the Alamo, Luling and Fredericksburg, TX, and the Cadillac Ranch.  Okay, so maybe that last one didn’t impact our country as much as it reflects something quirky about it. What that is, I have no idea.

More recently the boys and I took a field trip with our co-op friends to Ft. Worth.  The tour guide shared with us the fascinating history of the city, complete with its rise, fall, and recent rejuvenation.  A week later Matt and I went back for our fantastic gift from the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and I walked him through the entire tour, sharing as much with him as I could remember.


This beauty helped me find the letter A.  It eluded us for a good 15 minutes. IMG_1325

I’m not typically grossed out by taxidermied animals.  I was raised by a hunter and I consider myself pretty tough-stomached.  But these are the actual animals from Roy Rogers’ and Dale Evans’ shows/movies.  Horses Trigger & Buttermilk, and Bullet, the dog.


Amazing “coincidence”:  my mom told me of a book someone on her flight to Killeen recommended to her.  Matt and I downloaded it and listened to it on our trip.  It happened to be a true story set in Ft. Worth and we actually drove on many of the streets referenced while we were on our special trip.  We actually stayed at the Omni with a view of the Water Gardens, which were also specifically referenced. I highly recommend “Same Kind of Different As Me.”

And regarding culture, I mentioned in last week’s post that the boys have volunteered with the local ballet company as stage hands for their Christmas and spring performances.  I love that this opportunity offers them the chance to give of themselves in a way that they receive nothing back. There are volunteer opportunities that the boys take part in that directly benefit them (the youth yard sale, for example).  But when they serve as stage hands for the ballet, they are benefitting a group of people with no return on investment other than the satisfaction of being a blessing to someone else.  They have several friends in the ballet which is how they found out about the need.  As far as I know, they do a good job and provide a needed service to the company.






As you can tell, volunteering with the ballet was torture and they had no fun.  Totally selfless service…

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2 Responses to The Hamricks get culture…

  1. JEAN Hyatt says:

    Jennifer, I love that your boys volunteer at the Ballet. And I also love the fact you take your group to so many places it’s so educational. Anna looks so good in the pictures at the front of your blog. I love you all to pieces.

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