Monday almost got me…

It’s 9:00 pm on Monday and I just now remembered that I was supposed to have a blog post up.  I haven’t even started it.

I don’t particularly dislike Mondays but I’m happy to see this one fade away.

After a couple of weeks of sleeping in, o-dark-thirty came early.  I had a few moments in my Quiet Time before I started Insanity… and that’s when the insanity began.

Parker started throwing up; Carson sprayed Axe in my workout area (my garage); Anna woke up earlier than normal.  All of this before 8:00 am.

Parker was sick on and off throughout the day only getting about three tiny cat-naps to help pass the time.  Anna was really sweet though there were times I wished I had some reinforcements I could call in.  (Before my local friends start fussing at me for not calling on them, I chose to refrain just in case she has whatever germs Parker has.  You don’t want a stomach bug at your house.)

School was accomplished in some forms.  People got fed for the most part.  The bathroom got cleaned a time or two.  I did manage to get dinner on the table and Parker managed to eat 5 bites of rice.  And he kept that down!

To say today was a bad day would be too harsh.  It wasn’t, in spite of all of that.  But I can let this particular Monday ride off into the sunset and never see it again without any sadness at all.

I took no pictures today so here’s a picture of Parker playing in the sprinkler on Saturday. (He didn’t know I could (would?) run through it with him.  I showed him!  And then we went to the driveway to lie/lay (take your pick*) flat and absorb the warmth from the concrete.  We were there at least 10 minutes and about halfway through Parker said, “I like this.”  Bless.  He was missing his big brothers who were off volunteering and I had to pinch-hit for them.  I guess I did okay.)


*I try to be grammatically correct and I even googled this to see which was correct.  Grammar Girl let me down.  None of her examples matched mine so I’ll let it go. I’m happy to let you know I know there’s a difference and that I’m not too proud to admit when I don’t understand something.  I’ll take a lesson from anyone willing to give it but for now, GOOD-NIGHT, MONDAY!

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