Easter 2017

This Easter season was slightly different from others in that we weren’t sure Matt and Hayden were going to be home on Easter Sunday.  They had an epic road-trip in honor of Hayden’s upcoming 16th birthday and I really didn’t want them rushing home if that was going to cause them to drive unsafely.

As it turned out, they made the drive from Kansas City to Fort Hood in one day and did so safely.

I didn’t shop for new Easter clothes for any of the boys but did find a great dress for Anna at Goodwill for $2.99.  (My mom is cheering right now… she knows how much I hate shopping and digging for quality items while shopping.  Because I hate to shop about as much as I hate to spend money, I rarely buy clothes for me or anyone else.  But when an adorable dress your daughter’s size with the tags still on it jumps off the racks at you, you BUY it.)

Anna looked adorable and the boys, handsome, even if they weren’t dressed to the nines. Honestly, I don’t know if I got any pictures of all five of the kids on Easter, but we were very blessed by a fellow Chaplain Spouse who took our family pictures in the traditional Texas setting.

So please enjoy the following pictures of our Easter, with the majority posted individually, as that is how I prefer to share the AND how my readers stated they most enjoyed viewing them (by an overwhelming majority).



It may be hard to see in this picture but Anna was VERY EXCITED about the Easter Egg Hunt at Soldier’s Hospitality House.  She was squeezing her arms in and grinning from ear to ear.


And then she was off… it was serious business getting to the eggs before a big kid came and got the one she spied.  (We had to keep hiding the same three eggs over and over again because there were some really fast kids there and we weren’t able to get Anna from one to the next fast enough.)


Our animal-loving baby girl…  She and Stella both wanted the ball.


If you notice, Anna has the ball in this picture.  Seconds later, Stella comes up and takes it right out of her hand.  This breaks Anna’s heart for a few minutes.  Nothing Big Brothers Parker and Carson couldn’t handle.


Parker loving on pitiful Anna._JEN1856

Carson steps in to save the day.  _JEN1859_JEN1860_JEN1863_JEN1867

Anna has a sweet affinity for Hannah.  She loves her so very much.



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4 Responses to Easter 2017

  1. JEAN Hyatt says:

    JENNIFER & Matt, you have the most beautiful family. I just love you all. Your children are growing up even Anna. Hayden,Carson & Bailey have gotten so big. I haven’t forgotten Parker you are big too and you are the best babysitter you Mom has. Thank you for the family photos. Love you Granny!

  2. Judy Gloy says:

    What beautiful, beautiful pictures. The boys are looking so unbelievably grown up and HANDSOME! Even our (no longer) little Parker-man has grown so much and so cute! And, I guess I’m afraid to say, “handsome” – that makes it sound like he’s getting too big, too!!! LOL Bless his heart. Little Anna has the most beautiful dark, eye lashes. In the one picture I noticed how beautiful they were. That picture really made them stand out. Thanks for showing these beautiful pictures. Love them ALL!

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