Playing Dress-up

During my first pregnancy we were not sure of the baby’s gender.  Not because we were cool enough to want to be surprised but because the baby would NOT cooperate during the ultrasound.  We couldn’t afford a second one so we waited until “it” was born.  However, I just had a feeling it was a girl and the first words I said when our midwife said, “It’s a boy” was, “It IS?!?”  And then, of course, I was as happy as I could be and have loved being a boy-mom to all four of our sons.  I always hoped we’d have a girl but not instead of any of these boys.  Boys are awesome.  (Smelly, but awesome.)

So when we found out Anna was going to be a girl (early on, but after we had decided we were “in” no matter what the gender of the child), I was ecstatic.  All the things that I’d dreamed of doing with a daughter were going to come true.  Dresses and bows, pink things, baby dolls, mani/pedis, a wedding, and the special mother-daughter relationship I share with my own mom.  (Somehow I don’t see my sons sitting in nail salons with me getting our toes done.  What I can see, and enjoy very much, is sitting in a coffee shop or book store with them.  That’s our kind of fun.)

This post is a flashback of the past almost-15 months of playing dress-up with our little girl.

Some pictures have probably been featured on the blog before, but some are probably new.  Some of you will recognize outfits that were on loan to us or gifts.  Those are all the more special.

Enjoy!  (I certainly enjoyed going back through all the pictures!)

(ALSO:  I would like to know which way you prefer to view the pictures.  In slideshows, in collages, or independently. I’ve included a poll for those who are willing to vote.  It’s only one question. Take survey here.)

This purple outfit was the one Mama K brought to the hospital and put Anna in… it is the most special outfit we have.


Court date outfit and the outfit she wore when she met the NC Family.



See the pink onesie peeking out of the blanket?  This was the onesie I bought in August of 2015, just after we decided it was time to start the adoption process. It hung in our laundry room for months, even after we decided we weren’t going to be able to pursue the normal method of adoption.  It was a daily bitter-sweet reminder of what we longed for but weren’t sure we’d ever get to enjoy. Anna wore this on the ride home from Virginia and in the picture below we were sitting in the rocking chair in her room for the very first time.  (She is also wearing a pair of pajamas that one of the big boys wore.)


The outfit that started it all

IMG_9477Casual-comfy every-day outfits:

I was dedicated in this dress:_JEN8300

Holiday outfits:

Bathing Beauty:

Minnie Mouse:

Princess Dress Slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Hamrick Day!!




Now that you’ve viewed all the pictures in their various formats, which do you prefer?

Take survey here.

Enjoy your week!

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