40 is looking pretty good!


Matt has made it!  He’s 40!  He’s earned each one of those years and has done so gracefully.  I didn’t plan a surprise party or an over-the-hill themed event, but opted to have an adult-only dinner at a nearby restaurant followed by some time at the house with families included.

We started his birthday with a family tv show, which turned out to be not-so-family-friendly.  Warning:  there are two television shows called “The Librarians.” One stars Noah Wiley and THAT is the one you want to watch with your family. The other, well, let’s just say that it isn’t quite so appropriate. As in, scrambling to find the remote to make it stop for the love of all that is holy.  We will not be watching the plural version with our without the kids!

After the show we dug in to some serious spring cleaning.  We haven’t had a weekend in months to do this and it was time.  One goal was to Anna-proof the living room… we are tired of having to tell her not to touch certain things.  This area should be a place where she feels comfortable, too, so we moved a few tables out: tables that held tissues, books, and were the docking stations for laptops.  We replaced those tables with her kitchen set.  In the process we swept and mopped under the couches, washed the windows, etc.  For my organization-loving husband, it was a pretty good way to start the day.

We then moved to the garage.  We rearranged a few things to make way for the new bikes we bought last weekend and found several things to donate to the youth yard sale coming up later this month.  This task was a big undertaking but one that was needed.

Finally, the crew moved upstairs and we began a deep-clean of the bedrooms.  Under beds, in closets, etc.  I removed the toys from Anna’s toy box that were Parker’s (little boy toys) and set some in storage for the grandkids.  The rest are heading to the yard sale!  In the toy box I placed all the Little People sets we had saved “for the grandkids” but are now getting used by our daughter!  (That is still so fun to say!)

It was most definitely a work-day but Matt actually said that it was a good feeling to have so much accomplished!  I knew it would be.

Now on to the fun part!

After Matt got his run in, he and I went to HEB to pick out his cake.  Wouldn’t you know it? They only had girl cakes!  It’s a good thing his birthday is on April Fool’s Day and it’s a good thing he has a great sense of humor.

We dropped the cake off at the house and headed straight for Giovanni’s in Copperas Cove.  Friends had already started arriving and we enjoyed over two hours of dining and chatting.  The food was great and the fellowship sweet, even if we missed several friends who couldn’t be there.

The after-dinner-party was at our house and kids from each family arrived making the house feel festive, as they always do.  I gave Matt his gifts and then we had cake, ice cream, and lots of red-dye #4.  While we chatted the North Carolina Tarheels played and kept Matt on the edge of his seat.  Kids played a 2-hour long game of four-square, rode scooters in the dark, and chased Anna around.  That little one stayed up until 10:30!  She was a champ!

The Tarheels won and Matt was thrilled.  He now has plans for Monday evening which include watching the Tarheels in the Championship game.


I was very excited to give him the gifts I selected this year.  I am not a good gift-giver so when I find something I think Matt will love, I am thrilled.  This year Matt received several sweet cards, an ode from a friend (truly hilarious!),  a new Yetti mug, and from me, a T-shirt blanket made from special tees he’s had for a few years, the Chaplain Crest flag, and the entire Bible with apocrypha in a 5-set volume, formatted as normal books: no chapter headings, foot notes, etc.  It’s made for enjoyment-reading, not studying.

Here are a few pictures from the night.  They’re not great but, I’m trying to get over my perfectionist-issue.  I spent the evening with friends and family, and didn’t take enough pictures… again.


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