Anna’s first home (away from home).

From the time Anna was placed in my arms on a Saturday morning till we left the hospital after lunch on Sunday, I felt a very strange tug in my heart.  Please hear me out.

I wanted nothing more than to wrap my arms safely around Anna and ensure that she’d be my sweet little girl forever, but this was no ordinary baby girl.  This was a little girl created with two mommies and her other mommy was down the hallway recovering from delivery… and she was just starting to learn what it was like to not be with the child she was carrying.  My joy was real and it was matched in severity by her pain.  I took Anna to her a few times to nurse and to spend some time together before we left the hospital, but looking back, I wish I had given her more time with Anna.  My friend here who is a few years ahead of me in this open adoption lifestyle encouraged me to offer more time, and I thought I was offering more time, but in retrospect, I didn’t offer enough.

I’ll admit here, it was simply out of fear.  I was afraid that the more time they spent together the more likely she’d change her mind.  And I’ve said all along that if Mama had decided to parent, then this child would at least be with her very-loving birth mother.  That wasn’t really a bad thing, and I knew that.  But my heart wasn’t as strong as my brain and I was protective of her in a way that I didn’t need to be, looking back from where I sit now.  I’d go back and do it differently if I could.  I’d spend time with Mama if I could go back and do it differently.

But you know, we’ve talked very openly about this topic and she doesn’t hold anything against me and I’ve told her I wish I could go back and change some things.  She and I are building an open and honest relationship and I am thankful she has been able to forgive me my mistakes.  We have both said over and over, “Neither of us has done this before… we’re bound to make mistakes.” and thankfully, we are both willing to offer grace for those mistakes.

I share that bit of information for those out there who are considering an open adoption.  I hope it helps you to make the decision to be more generous with the time you have in the hospital… especially if you live a great distance from Mama and getting together frequently will be difficult.

So, about us “going home” away from home.

We loaded up our van and drove to Portsmouth, to the apartment we had rented.

The next few weeks were quite surreal: loving every second with Anna knowing that technically each moment could bring a phone call that ended our time as her parents, but feeling pretty confident that Mama was content with her decision and was not going to change her mind.

The time we spent in Portsmouth was a time for snuggling Anna.  Pretty much every picture we have is of someone holding her.  They’re not fancy pictures, for sure, but they’re treasures!


Our first time out as a family of seven… off to the mall!


Smily baby…

Out for a walk with my two littles:

Nana gives her a bath and gets lots of squeezes.  In fact, Nana gets priority when she’s in the house…

Getting some “indirect sunlight” to help with the touch of jaundice she had.

Tummy time, a ride in the car, and first well-visit.

Saying goodbye to Nana and Papa the day after we brought Anna home.  (They have a business to run, after all!)IMG_5663

Three generations of girls. IMG_6295

Our last picture before leaving our Portsmouth “home.”


We had a great place to stay while we were in Virginia… there was a little drama at the end: basically, the person who owns the place didn’t know it was being rented out on AirBnB and when he found out [because his realtor wanted to show the place] he wasn’t happy.  It was a bit scary when he told us to vacate or he’d call the police, but Matt straightened everything out and we were able to stay until we were supposed to check out.  Family drama that we were almost caught in the middle of!

At any rate, we loved the location, the house itself, and how close we were to the hospital when Anna decided to be born during Winter Storm Jonas!



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6 Responses to Anna’s first home (away from home).

  1. Such a beautiful story and very heartwarming that her other mother and you are building a wonderful relationship built on mutual love of the very beautiful Anna. I pray that God continues to give you the wisdom and grace to handle everything that comes in your families life. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. Kathiebharris says:

    Oh my, I heart this so much. I love your heart, I love that you and she discussed this openly and honestly! You are doing so much right, it blows my mind. Jesus just shows us how to love one another, doesn’t he?! Adoption is such a testimony of what is possible when we love like Him.
    I, too, regret some of the choices I made in those first few weeks. Regret’s a strong word, since we’re all just trying to do our best with what knowledge we have at the time. But I would go back and do it differently, too, and I’ve admitted this to our birthmother. I believe it heals us both.
    Keep sharing, sister! Anna’s story will bless so many!

    • Jennifer says:

      I love that you are giving yourself grace for the things you would go back and change. Having never walked this way before we’re bound to make mistakes. You helped me avoid many of them because you were willing to share your story! I hope to help others by sharing ours. 🙂

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